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Magic tincture. Motherwort for all occasions

Motherwort is a very beautiful plant that can be found in the Caucasus, Central Russia and Asia, Western Siberia.

The grass sometimes reaches one and a half meters in height.Its straight roots go into hard, slightly pubescent stems. The leaves of the motherwort, dark green from below and light on top, are divided into several lobes. In July, you can see the motherwort flowers: lilac-pink ring-shaped inflorescences embracing the stem.

The plant contains a variety of acids, among whichapple, vanilla, lemon, ursolic. It is rich in vitamins, trace elements, tannins, macronutrients, glycosides. The value of the plant is so great that we have it specially planted on plantations.

For the preparation of medicinal preparations, the upper part of the grass is cut up to 40 cm long, not more than half a centimeter in thickness.

It prepares tinctures, medicines, which help from a very wide range of diseases.

Most often for medicinal purposes is used tincture. Motherwort by its action is similar to valerian or lily of the valley, but much stronger than them.

For the treatment of cardiovascular diseases,cardioneurosis, relief of menopausal manifestations, intestinal colic usually appointed motherwort tincture. Its use is recommended for epilepsy, insomnia, the grass perfectly heals wounds, cuts, light burns.

In addition to the tincture, there is another dosage form of the drug - the motherwort extract, which is sold in tablets or liquid form.

Pharmacies usually offer ready-made drugsplants, but you can prepare them yourself if you want. For example, from the motherwort and alcohol at home, tincture is easily prepared. Motherwort is poured with five parts of medical 70% alcohol, infused in dark dishes for 11 days, filtered.

Motherwort not only cures heart disease andneuroses. It is useful in painful female bleeding, dysmenorrhea, other gynecological disorders. To do this, 2 tablespoons of dry herb insist, pour two cups of boiling water, insist 8 hours, and then drink before eating. Replace this infusion with a ready-made drug from the pharmacy, which takes 30 drops. In summer, you can use the juice of grass, diluted with water.

For general sedation, the same decoction or tincture is used. Motherwort in this case is recommended to drink four times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

With intestinal colic, contusions, neurasthenia, glaucoma, epilepsy, the motherwort helps. However, independent treatment is not recommended: like any herbal preparation, it can cause allergies.

Without a doctor's advice, perhaps, you can only use tea from motherwort, St. John's wort, mint, chamomile, walnut. They drink it once a day, in the morning. This is an excellent remedy for vegetative dystonia.

Cosmetology also uses tincture.Motherwort, rich in alkaloids, tannins and coloring substances, alkaloids, helps to cope with the problems of oily hair. To do this, 2 tablespoons of dry grass, first insist in a liter of water for 2 hours, then this tincture is brought to a boil, cool, wash her head.

Baths with motherwort well treat pustulardiseases, cleanse the skin, soothe nerves, normalize sleep. For their preparation, the herb is insisted for about an hour in a liter of water, then boiled, added to the bath.

If there is no possibility to use dry raw materials, tincture can come to the aid. Motherwort, bought in a pharmacy in the form of a tincture or extract, is simply added to the water.

When eczema grass motherwort can be mixed with broth burdock root. Take such baths best at night, because they have a strong soothing effect.

The duration of their intake should not exceed 20 minutes at a water temperature of 37 °.

Motherwort is contraindicated in people with individual intolerance and pregnant women.

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