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The drug "Pectusin" (pills). Instructions for use

The medicine "Pectusin" (tablets), whose price inwithin 50 rubles, belongs to the category of combined phyto-drugs. The drug has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. Eucalyptus oil and menthol are present in the formulation. Due to the properties of these substances, inflammation in the upper respiratory tract decreases, sputum is diluted, and expectoration is facilitated.

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The drug "Pectusin" (pills) instruction onapplication recommends for tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis. The indications include bronchitis, tracheitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system. Means "Pectusin" (tablets) children appoint from seven years. This age restriction is associated with the strong activity of eucalyptus oil contained in the medication. This ingredient can cause a child to suffocate.

Dosing regimen

The drug "Pectusin" (pills) instruction onrecommends sublingual (under the tongue). For patients from seven years, the dosage is 3-4 tab / day. The medicine should be taken at the earliest stages of the pathology - with perspiration, coughing attacks, sore throat.

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Side effect

Means "Pectusin" (tablets), the instruction onapplication warns of this, can trigger allergic reactions. In particular, the skin may develop a rash, dryness, irritation. Usually such symptoms are a consequence of intolerance of the components of the drug.


Medication "Pectusin" (pills) instruction onApplication does not recommend for individual sensitivity to substances in the composition. Do not prescribe treatment for patients younger than seven years. Contraindicated in patients with diabetes. The medicine "Pekstusin" (pills) does not recommend the use of stenosing laryngitis, bronchial asthma, spasmophilia.

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additional information

Despite the availability of medication in pharmacies,experts strongly do not recommend self-medication. Especially this applies to the occurrence of diseases of the respiratory system in children. If the requirements of a specialist are observed, an overdose by the agent is unlikely. Doctors remind that if you have allergic reactions on the basis of therapy, the occurrence of undesirable consequences not described by the annotation, as well as ineffectiveness of treatment or worsening of the condition and aggravation of symptoms, you should stop using the medication and visit a specialist. Therapy of children is carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician. The preparation does not require special storage conditions. It is not recommended to use the medicine after the expiration date indicated on the package. Tablets for resorption should be kept in the mouth until completely dissolved. Do not independently increase the dosage or frequency of admission. In the annotation there is no direct contraindication to taking medication during pregnancy and lactation. However, the rationale for therapy in the prenatal period and for nursing patients is determined by a specialist.

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