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Cigarettes Sobranie - exquisite brand with a solid history

For many, smoking has become part of everyday life.life. Some resort to it to pass the time, others - to relieve stress or just to take something by the hand. Not all fans of tobacco smoke prefer to inhale nicotine "in the old fashion" - from the tube. As for cheap cigarettes, they can not only cause serious damage to health, but also spoil the image. It makes sense to buy tobacco products issued by reputable firms, and many will agree with this. In particular, this refers to a brand such as Sobranie cigarettes.

cigarettes Sobranie

Sobranie and Russian diplomacy

For the first time Sobranie cigarettes were used incircles of Russian diplomats in London, where they are produced to this day. They were issued specifically for a closed club called the Russian Noble Assembly. This is what explains the name of the products.

Cigarettes «Sobranie» for the first time began to be produced infar back in 1879. They were made to order, and they were very expensive. They were in demand in the most aristocratic area of ​​London - in St. James. If we take into account the fact that this part of London was always known for its closed clubs, in which aristocrats from all over Europe gathered, it becomes clear that initially the quality of these cigars was very high. In those years they were made by hand. Gradually they became popular first in other areas of London, and then they began to smoke and on the mainland of Europe. To this day, not everywhere, Sobranie cigarettes are on sale, since they were originally intended for a narrow circle of people. But you can still find them.

How are these cigarettes made?

At the moment, the Sobranie cigarettes are manufactured by Gallaher Group, a solid producer of quality tobacco products.

Sobranie cigarettes

They differ both in their pleasant appearance and in theirgood aroma. The highest quality materials are used for their production. In particular, producing cigarettes Sobranie, initially used fragrant tobacco varieties from different countries - Greece, South America, Turkey. As a result, it turned out a rather pleasant mixture, characterized by a unique taste.

Cigarettes Sobranie. Advantages and disadvantages

It is believed that Sobranie Cocktail cigarettes inmainly designed for women, as evidenced by their elegant appearance and their taste. They may well be associated with chic and luxurious, which can add a plus to the image of their possessor.

cigarettes Sobranie Cocktail

Pink iridescent box containstwenty different colored cigarettes. Their filters are decorated with gold-plated paper and contain the emblem of the manufacturer. Perhaps, in their design they are not inferior to any other tobacco product, and the person who smokes them can quite attract the attention of others.

Sobranie - cigarettes that are significantly longerconventional cigarettes. They have two perforation rings. Concerning their taste and aroma, it is worth saying that these cigarettes clearly do not suit lovers of heavy tobacco smoke. On the contrary, they are quite pleasant to smoke. The taste is soft, rich, refined and pleasant. Cigarettes are produced without flavors, almost all of them are high-quality tobacco, belonging to the variety of Virginia. Perhaps the only serious disadvantage of this brand is the presence of a rather large amount of dyes in cigarette paper.

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