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Oatmeal cookies: calorie or benefit?

One can argue that much morethe number of people loves oatmeal cookies, rather than oatmeal, despite the fact that "Hercules" is almost the best breakfast of all times and peoples. It is said that the very first cookies from such flour appeared in the human diet almost immediately, as the first bread was baked. The only difference between the old oatmeal cookies and the modern one was that it was unsweetened. It later began to pour sugar on it and make small round cakes of dough.

About oatmeal cookies in Russia learned inthe times of the kings, and the most appetizing and delicious baked, of course, in St. Petersburg. Adherents of this delicacy gathered from all corners of the country, only to buy yourself a kilogram of this delicious, sweet and friable masterpiece of cooking. In those days, even great receptions were accepted with tea parties, where the St. Petersburg oatmeal cookies, whose calorie content was probably high, should certainly be present.

Tsarist times are long gone, and oatmeal pastriesstill exists and is loved by many for its delicious taste and useful properties. Modern recipes of this cookie often include in their composition all kinds of fillers in the form of vanilla, raisins, delicious fruit syrups, pieces of chocolate, jam and much more.

Despite the calorie content of oatmeal cookies,breakfast of several of his things, washed with a glass of milk, can completely replace the whole plate of Herculean porridge for the number of vitamins and nutritional value. Therefore, let you always have fresh and tasty baking from oatmeal on your table, in the vase, because the proteins that are part of oats are almost 100% absorbed by the human body and in their composition have very valuable vegetable fats, provitamins A, vitamins of the groups PP and B, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, minerals, amino acids and trace elements, which are close in composition to the muscle protein.

As already mentioned above, there are many recipes, how to cook aboutoat cookies.The calorie content of such homemade baking is slightly lower than the store's, so it will appeal to slimming sweeties. Here is one of the recipes. The cookie, baked on it, comes out amazingly tasty and not too high in calories. So, we will need:

- oatmeal "Hercules" - 3 cups;

- Wheat flour - 3 cups;

- margarine - 1 packet (250 g);

- chicken egg - 2 pieces;

- sugar - 2 glasses, but it is possible and less;

- soda - 1 teaspoon;

- kefir - a little, only to extinguish soda;

- honey - 2 tablespoons;

- salt - to taste.

Such homemade oatmeal cookies have calorie contentmoderate, about 300-320kcal, while in the store contains more than 400kcal. So, let's pass the oatmeal through the meat grinder, sift the wheat flour. Razirayem eggs with sugar, add not hot, melted margarine, extinguished kefir soda, honey, salt. All carefully kneaded and gradually add wheat flour and oatmeal passed through the meat grinder. If necessary flour with ground Hercules can be added in equal proportions. We put the dough in the fridge for half an hour and then roll it out into a pancake 1cm thick, cut out with a mold or a glass of pechenyushka, sprinkle it with sugar and bake for about 15-25 minutes at 170 degrees until the desired color is obtained.

Naturally, when adding a large amountsweet components in oatmeal cookies, its caloric content increases. So everyone who dreams of losing weight, most likely, should exclude sugar, jam and other "impurities" from this batch. But you can include dried fruits and walnuts. Such yummy will be especially useful to those in whose diet is catastrophically lacking animal proteins, fats, trace elements and vitamins. In addition, oatmeal in all its manifestations has the most necessary useful elements, which effectively fight with atherosclerosis.

If you are not very interested in biscuitsoatmeal, calorie and all the rest associated with food, try to make a face mask from "Hercules" or just wash it with chopped croup. You will see that your skin will change just before your eyes.

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