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Oh, it's goat's milk. Benefit and harm of goat's milk

Since ancient times, goat's milk is famous for itsuseful properties. Myths of Ancient Greece say that the king of all gods - the god of heaven, lightning and thunder Zeus, was fed by milk of the divine goat Amalteia. The greatest doctor of Persia Avicenna in his treatises mentioned goat's milk, the use of which was to prevent senile senility. The ancient Romans used it to treat diseases of the spleen. And Hippocrates treated the consumption with this miraculous drink.

Doctors of antiquity treated dysentery with boiledGoat milk, which was added to sea stones and barley. As well as boiled milk with sesame was considered a good preventive against cataracts in the eyes. Like many products with a pronounced curative effect, this product has been denied and persecuted. It was once forbidden to consume goat's milk, the benefits and harm were not investigated, and then the milk was declared poisonous without foundation. But, fortunately, this period did not last long.

Is goat milk good for infants?

At the end of the 19th century, the medical profession really wasestimated goat milk. The benefits of this product have been proven by scientific methods, and medicine has openly declared the advantage of goat milk in front of cow and even mother's milk. This served as the basis for the production of infant formulas, where cow's milk was previously actively used.

The nutritional value of goat's milk is determinedthe content of high-quality proteins, protein-free nitrogen, piacrin, thiamine (vitamin B). Modern pediatricians all over the world confidently state that in the diet of the baby, goat's milk is simply necessary. The benefit is that this product is not capable of causing allergic reactions in the body of a little man, it is easily digested and does not provoke indigestion - diarrhea.

In our time, very often babies babiesage are on artificial feeding. Pediatricians strongly recommend that young mothers pay proper attention to goat's milk and use it instead of cow's milk. Doctors consider it a unique find for kids.

Traditional Medicine and Goat Milk

For many centuries, goat milkUsed as a remedy in folk medicine. They were given long and seriously ill people, to restore vitality and increase the body's ability to withstand chronic diseases.

Allergic diathesis, which in the old dayswere called scrofula, folk healers are treated with the help of milk goats. Age-old experience proves that it not only does not cause allergic reactions, but also contributes to curing this ailment. Along with this, goat's milk is treated with anemia, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, loss of sight.

Swiss healers have long usedgoat milk. Benefits and efficacy in the treatment of anemia, rickets and tuberculosis (tuberculosis) did not keep us waiting long. And it should be noted that the famous Swiss cheeses consist of a mixture of cow and goat's milk, which gives them a unique taste and brought considerable fame to the cheese-making business.

Goat's milk and medicine

For the first time in the production of yogurt, Bulgarians wereused goat milk. It is useful to know that from such a yogurt scientist with a world name, Professor Mechnikov singled out the famous lactobacilli, which in modern medicine are used to treat dysbacteriosis.

It has been scientifically proven that freshly harvested goat milk has high bactericidal properties. That's why goat's milk is stored for a long time at room temperature and does not become sour.

Goat's milk is characterized by a high content of potassium, cobalt and B vitamins, which provide normal operation of the cardiovascular and nervous system, participate in the process of hematopoiesis.

Medics of Canada consider the most delicious medicine - goat's milk. Benefits proven in the treatment of cholelithiasis, epilepsy, fibroids, skin and joint diseases.

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