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If the red throat in a child, than to treat?

Often a situation occurs when parentsnotice that the child has a red neck. Without attention, this fact is rare, so immediately the question arises as to why the red throat in a child, than to treat?

Before you treat, you need to understand what could be causing the disease. Most often this symptom indicates the development of pharyngitis, and can cause it:

1) a viral infection;

2) bacterial infection;

3) allergies.

Viral infection

Red throat in a child - what to treat
Usually pharyngitis is caused by viruses of the ARVI group(adenovirus infection, parainfluenza, influenza), but there may be others. For a virus infection, not only the red throat, but also the cough (it is usually dry, not strong) is characteristic, the child complains of choking or sore throat (younger children may have bad eating), this pain can be given in the ear or teeth.

In addition to pain and redness in the throat, a viral infection can be accompanied by the appearance of a cold, conjunctivitis, fever.

Redness of the throat can occur and under the action ofother viruses: measles, enteroviruses. But then there are other manifestations: diarrhea (with enterovirus pharyngitis), rash and fever (with measles).

Red throat in a child than treated in this case?

- Children older than 3 years old - rinseantiseptic solutions: Furasol, Furatsillin, Malavit, diluted to a slightly green solution with chlorophyllipt, and also soda-salt solution (a glass of water on a teaspoon of salt and soda).

- In children older than two years - the use of inhalant antiseptics: Ingalipt, Tantum Verde, Stopangin.

- For children of any age (only after preliminary acquaintance with the instruction) to give a solution to the tablets "Lisobakt", "Faryngosept", "Angin-heel", "Septotelet", "Strepsils".

All children are shown inhalation (it is best not steam, but with the help of a nebulizer) with saline solution, with Borjomi. This greatly accelerates recovery.

Red throat - how to treat
Bacterial infection

In this case, the temperature is increased.In addition to the red throat, there may be red tonsils. And if the back of the throat drains yellow or green mucus, or tonsils are raids, most likely, you can not do without antibiotics.

The bacterial infection is also indicated bythe situation when the disease started with a cold, fever, throat swelling, then all the symptoms went away, and the temperature rose again, the throat became very sick and red.

What to do if the bacterium is the causative agent of the disease with a symptom such as a red throat in a child. Than to treat, the doctor (the pediatrist or an ENT) should tell or say, as he selects an antibiotic.

How to decide whether a virus or bacterialinfection? And how to treat a red throat in a child? The decision should be made by a pediatrician on the basis of examination, complaints and a general blood test. Do not be superfluous and inspection of an ENT doctor.

By such a simple study as a blood test fromfinger, should never be neglected, since the later initiation of antibiotic treatment (in the case of a bacterial infection) can lead to serious complications. And otitis is the least evil.

The child's red throat. Than to treat, if it is an allergy?

How to treat a red throat in a child
To suggest that the disease is allergicbeginning, the doctor will help. Then the treatment of pharyngitis will consist in the elimination of the allergen (for example, washing powder, a certain food product) and taking antihistamines. "Erius", "Zodak", "Fenistil", "Loratadin" in the age-related dosage will help get rid of the disease.


So, you found a red throat in your child.How to treat? Go to the examination to the ENT doctor or pediatrician and take tests. Before that, you can only give your child antiseptics, gargle, do inhalations with Borjomi or decoction of the potato peel (if there is no temperature). If the condition does not improve, the temperature rises or does not decrease, be sure to consult a pediatrician.

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