/ Mezim forte. Instructions for use

Mezim forte. Instructions for use

Tablets "Mezim forte" - it's beautifulthe digestive system, which quickly replenishes the deficiency of enzymes produced by the pancreas, will have amylolytic, lipolytic and proteolytic effects. The lack of these elements causes a lot of extremely unpleasant sensations. It can be discomfort and heaviness in the stomach. The causes of this condition can be hidden in diseases directly related to the pancreas. This may be influenced by a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged immobilization, malfunctioning of the masticatory function and dietary regime (excess of too fatty or abundant food, or its irregular receptions). In these cases, the human body should be assisted by the introduction of additional enzymes, for example, the drug Mezim forte.

Instruction for use indicates that the receptionmedication inside should be taken with food or after. The tablet is not chewed, but swallowed whole, while it should be washed down with a large amount of any liquid. It can be water, tea, fruit juices, etc.

Treatment can take a different period of time,everything will depend on the individual characteristics and state of human health. It can last several days, and in more severe forms up to several months, if it is necessary to carry out constant replacement therapy.

The dose is determined by the doctor and can be 1-2tablets 2-3 times a day. Patients who have undergone surgery to remove the pancreas are required to take regular tablets Mezim Forte or other dosage forms of this drug (capsules, dragees). It is a safe and highly effective medicine, so it can be taken for years. In pharmacies, it is sold without a doctor's prescription. With prolonged use, iron preparations are prescribed simultaneously.

If pancreatic function is insufficientwill help Mezim forte, whose composition includes pancreatic enzymes. They will help to break down proteins to amino acids, fats to glycerol and fatty acids, starch to dextrins and monosaccharides. This drug can improve the general condition of the digestive tract, normalize digestive processes and facilitate the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Many patients from all enzyme preparationsgive their preference to the medicine "Mezim forte." Its composition promotes a more complete absorption of nutrients into the body. It can safely be called the No. 1 drug in gastroenterology. It is on the same level as other vital essential medicines.

Many people often use this medication, butnot everyone knows what is in its composition. Pancreatin is the main active substance of the drug Mezim Fort. The instructions for use describe the pharmacological properties of this substance and explain the mechanism of its action.

The alkaline environment of the small intestine helpsrelease pancreatic enzymes from the dosage form. In the stomach, they are protected from the effects of acid coating. When oral use of the drug Mezim forte, the instructions for use indicate the maximum enzymatic activity after 30 or 45 minutes. Here you will get acquainted with the indications, methods and dosage for its application in various situations.

As with other drugs, there aresome side effects of Mezim forte. Instructions for use indicate allergic reactions, there may rarely be constipation or diarrhea, a feeling of discomfort in the epigastric region.

If the drug is taken for a long periodtime and at high doses, hyperuricosuria and hyperuricemia are possible. When an overdose of a drug, treatment is canceled and symptomatic therapy begins.

Contraindications includehypersensitivity and intolerance to pork, exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis. Eat right and stay healthy! Just in case, pack the packing of Mezim Fort, especially before big holidays.

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