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How to protect the health of children without using antibiotics? Bacterio products will help.

Лечение различных заболеваний с помощью antibiotics in its time was considered effective and can be said an innovative method, but recent studies have shown that this is far from the case. When exposed to the body, antibiotics suppress not only harmful viruses, but also kill healthy cells and bacteria, resulting in many side effects. The negative effect of such treatment has a particularly strong effect on the child's body, because the immune system in young children is weak enough and very susceptible to various drugs.


Fortunately, just a few years ago, scientistshave developed an amazing tool - bacteriophages. They are viruses that can effectively attack harmful bacteria, but do not affect healthy cells of the body and are completely safe. Bacteriophages do not cause any side effects and do not belong to the group of medicinal substances.

Due to a soft but effective effect onthe body, and the absence of side-effects, the use of bacteriophages has become very popular recently. Especially often they are used to treat young children. Various therapeutic complexes based on bacteriophages can be viewed on the website http: //vitabio.ru / means- with bacteriophages.


Online pharmacy VitaBio is the officialrepresentative of the company NPC MICROMIR and is engaged in the sale of their products. This research and production center is developing in the field of biotechnology, as well as implementing new technologies in the field of medicine, which allow to exclude the harmful effects of antibiotics on the human body.

The site of the VitaBio store presents severalnatural products with the addition of bacteriophages, as well as special cosmetics and aerovitamins. In the sections of the site you can read a lot of useful information, for example, on the page - http://www.vitabio.ru/treatment--prevention/phagotherapy there is an interesting article about infectious diseases of the eye and how to prevent them.

All products online pharmacies sold without extra charge, so the prices are very low and accessible to all people. You can also order delivery to any city in the country.

Benefits of using bacteriophages

  • Completely safe for the human body.
  • In the composition of preparations based on bacteriophages there are no toxic substances.
  • Virtually no contraindications and side effects.
  • Can be used for small children and pregnant women.
  • Proven high performance.
  • Wide scope.

Preparations based on bacteriophages can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of many diseases.

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