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Engineering communications: design and construction

Not so long ago one of the most important advantagesurban apartment in front of a country house was considered to be engineering support. Light, water, gas with heating - these and other types of communal infrastructure are a prerequisite for a prosperous life today. And not only in theory, but in practice they can be organized even without access to central networks. The main thing is to properly design and organize engineering communications so that they last longer and do not become a burden to the wallet.

What concerns engineering communications?

engineering communications

In the traditional sense, everything that provideshouse with water, electricity and heat, is included in the complex of engineering communications. That is, it can be equipment, technological installations, as well as networks for which resources are distributed. At the same time, external and internal communications are distinguished. The first category is to include sewerage with access to the septic tank, wiring cables, street lighting systems, etc. No less important are internal engineering communications. This is a home heat supply in the form of radiators and boilers, a plumbing with sanitary equipment, light sources, gas equipment and electrical infrastructure.

Separate individualcommunication and centralized. In private, the same light and water can be connected to the house through the main lines. But in the absence of such an opportunity, many people today solve the problems of water and gas supply through special units - boilers, boiler stations and generators. Centralized engineering communications are networks that serve quarters, residential complexes or individual apartment buildings.

Designing of engineering systems

engineering communication is

The best option is an integratedthe design of engineering systems before the construction of the house. With a competent approach to the development of a general plan, the customer can optimally optimize the laying of networks and the construction of separate units, which in practice will make home maintenance more efficient and financially more profitable. If the design is planned to be carried out separately for each system, the task becomes more complicated, although it allows deeper to take into account individual nuances. For example, engineering communications in terms of water supply require the calculation of water consumption for a living family. Based on these requirements, the optimal scheme for laying the pipeline and, most importantly, the source of water supply, is selected. This can be a central channel, and a private well.

Other nuances are taken into account in systemsgas supply and heating. So, for gas, special conditions are required for the operation of such equipment, in terms of safety. With regard to heating, the main task in this part will be a thorough miscalculation of the contours of the infrastructure in terms of the thermal coverage of the target premises. For example, engineering communications, the photos of which are presented below, demonstrate the version of the floor heating system.

engineering communications photo

Installation work

The most ambitious and complex work is carried outwith the purpose of providing water and heat supply. From specialists it is required to perform pipe laying, for which the supply of resources will be carried out. No less important stage is the installation of technical equipment. Depending on the needs of the house, the project can provide for the provision of aggregates and on a scale of individual technical premises. Engineering communications in terms of electrical infrastructure are not so problematic, but here high precision is required in respect of design schemes. At this stage, engineers lay electrical wiring, install appliances and connect equipment.

Who is involved in design and construction?

engineering communications design and construction

A qualitative result in the design andInstallation of engineering systems is provided by specialists of engineering companies. When choosing a particular company, one should take into account the experience of employees, qualifications and, if possible, get acquainted with the results of their work on specific objects. Also it is necessary to focus on the profile of the company's work. For example, engineering communications, design and construction of which is carried out in country houses and cottages, have their own specifics and differ in characteristics from typical works in the same urban apartments. By the way, multi-apartment buildings are more often serviced by employees of organizations that provide economic maintenance and maintenance services on the basis of an agreement with municipal structures.

How much are the engineering works?

Cost of project development and implementationlaying of networks is determined not only by the complexity and scale of the work, but also by the characteristics of the materials used. Providing high quality pipelines or wiring today is not as difficult as it used to be. But for this, you should initially choose the appropriate materials. By average standards of communication engineering for a private house with an area of ​​150 m2 cost in 200-250 thousand rubles.In this case, we are talking about the prices for the arrangement of systems separately. So, water and electricity supply are the most expensive items of engineering operations and in some cases reach a price of 500 thousand. Conversely, sewerage with a septic tank in a small area can cost 100-150 thousand.


internal engineering communications is

After completion of construction work on the basis ofthe prepared project of the event for the arrangement of the engineering system is not being completed. Next, a set of commissioning procedures is implemented, which will identify errors and inaccuracies in networks and equipment setup. After all, do not forget that engineering communications are a whole complex of interconnected circuits, devices, systems and mechanisms, so the slightest violation in the operation of one device can lead to sad consequences. For this reason, by the way, experts do not recommend saving on the purchase of new high-tech equipment. Pumping stations, boilers with boilers and electrical panels with automation are highly reliable and functional, so their choice to provide engineering infrastructure will facilitate the operation of the house and make it more energy efficient.

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