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Cheese creamy - a product that strengthens health

Currently an increasingly popular productto become cream cheese. Its second name is cottage cheese. Made from cream and milk, it has a soft, slightly sweetish taste. The most famous brands are: Philadelphia, Mascarpone, Buko, Almete and others. This product is enjoyed with pleasure in all countries of the world. It does not require maturation, it can be eaten immediately after production.

Cheese is used for cookingsandwiches, various cold snacks, in baking. It can also be added to the dough or used as a filling. It is used in the preparation of desserts (for example, tiramisu, cheesecake). Where not to use cheese!

How useful is this product?

It has a mass of useful substances.It contains milk fat, proteins, calcium, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It is necessary to strengthen bones, improve digestion, skin condition, nails. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Soft cheeses are high fat, so do not abuse them to not add weight.

Mascarpone cream cheese is one of the mostpopular varieties. The country of origin of this wonderful product is Italy. It is believed that the name of this cheese comes from the word "mascarpa", which in the dialect of Lombardy means cottage cheese. There are other versions of the origin of this name. The first time mascarpone was cooked at the end of the 16th century in the south-west of Milan. Italians appreciated it because of its piquant and unique taste. In order to prepare mascarpone cream of cows or buffalo are used, which are fattened in a special way - fresh grass and flowers.

These most fatty creams warm up totemperature of 80 ° C, after which, in order for the cream to curd, they add lemon juice or wine (white) vinegar. Then the resulting mass is filtered, transferred to a special container and cooled. The result is a very delicate and nutritious product. In appearance, Mascarpone is not at all like cheese, but rather it resembles curd pasta, as lactic cultures are not used for its preparation.

This cream cheese is very caloric.For 100 grams, from 400 to 450 kcal is needed. For this reason it is advisable to eat it moderately. Due to the animal proteins and carbohydrates contained in it, such cheese is a rather useful product.

Mascarpone is very moody in storage.Therefore, it was originally prepared only in the autumn months. It is better to use this product immediately, because it is quickly deteriorating. Do not store it for more than a week. Freezing is also not recommended, as it will turn into a liquid and tasteless mass, in appearance resembling curdled sour cream.

Since the cream cheese has a soft and slightlysweet taste, it is readily used in the preparation of cakes and various desserts (especially tiramisu). Italians add mascarpone to ice cream - sevenfreddo. In addition, it fits well with meat pates, fish, pasta, and is also recommended for making different sauces.

When buying mascarpone, you should pay attention tothe mass fraction of fat that, in terms of dry matter, should be about 82%. In case it is much lower, then, most likely, you have an imitation containing various thickeners and additives. So being in the store, be sure to make sure that you have this product.

Another indicator, indirectly confirming,that in front of you a real mascarpone, is a high price. At the same time, those who once tried it, the price does not stop at all, as it has an unforgettable and unique taste.

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