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Means Enterol. Reviews, description, application

The agent "Enterol 250" is available in capsules and in powder (lyophilized). The active substance is the yeast of the Sugarromyceti bulardi.

The drug "Enterol" (reviews of many patients confirm this) is a very effective remedy for eliminating viral and bacterial diarrhea in patients of different ages.

Medication is also prescribed to prevent andelimination of diarrhea and colitis caused by the use of antibiotic drugs. The drug "Enterol" (reviews of experts confirm this) should be used for irritable bowel syndrome. The drug is also prescribed to prevent diarrhea associated with prolonged enteral feeding.

The drug "Enterol" is prescribed for children up to oneyear (including newborns). Dosage at the same time - half a packet of powder lyophilized twice a day. For patients from one year to ten years, they are prescribed a sachet twice a day. Recommended dosage for patients from ten years - one or two capsules (1-2 packets) twice a day.

Duration of treatment - at least three to five days (with acute diarrhea), ten to fourteen days (with dysbacteriosis and chronic diarrhea syndrome).

The drug in the form of powder newborns appoint no more than one sachet per day. In this case, treatment is carried out under regular medical supervision.

To prevent and eliminateantibiotic-associated diarrhea and pseudomembranous colitis preparation "Enterol" (experts' reviews confirm this) should be taken together with antibiotics. Dosage with this - two bags (two capsules) twice a day from the first day of antibiotic therapy. Capsule should be washed down with water. The powder is mixed with water or milk. To preserve the activity of the yeast of the sugar bromide, do not mix the preparation with a very cold or very hot liquid.

"Enterol" (patient feedback isconfirm) is well tolerated by patients. In extremely rare cases, a short discomfort in the epigastric region may develop. This manifestation does not require discontinuation of therapy.

The drug "Enterol" is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of the components.

Do not take concomitantly with antifungal medicines for oral use.

As practice shows, if you follow the prescribed by the doctor mode of taking an overdose with the drug "Enterol" does not arise.

Feasibility of taking medication duringpregnancy and feeding is determined by a specialist. It should be noted that the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not contraindicated, but with its use should be careful. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

The drug "Enterol" is quite popularmeans for diarrhea. Many of those who took the medicine note its speed, effectiveness, availability, ease of use. The drug is well tolerated by children, as indicated by numerous reviews of parents.

Specialists pay attention to the fact that persistentThe therapeutic effect can be achieved by following the instructions of your doctor. Do not interrupt the therapeutic course immediately after the onset of relief, it is necessary to complete the treatment.

The undoubted advantage of the drug as patients,and doctors consider the admissibility of its use at different ages, including in the first days of life. However, one should not forget that the therapy should be prescribed and controlled by the doctor. In this case, the probability of undesired reactions is minimized.

Before using the drug "Enterol" you need to carefully read the annotation.

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