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Inhalation with a cold in the nebulizer: the most effective recipes

The most common symptom of coldsailments, allergies, viruses is a common cold. To eliminate it, a complex treatment consisting of performing physiotherapeutic procedures is necessary. Inhalations in the cold with a nebulizer significantly improve the person's well-being, relieving problems with nasal breathing. Procedures can be performed at home, if there is a special apparatus. The rules of their conduct are described in the article.


Inhalations with a nebulizer quickly curerunny nose in children and adults. The device has many advantages. In comparison with sprays and aerosols, the vapors are distributed evenly on the mucosa and after penetration into the lower respiratory tract. A normal spray has a narrow purpose, and inhalation is considered a complex measure.

Inhalation with a cold in the nebulizer

Since the drug is dissolved in saline solution,the time of inhalation of the nasal mucosa is moistened, which eliminates the crusts from the vasoconstrictor drops. From these drops there is irritation of the mucous membrane, dryness and itching. These effects disappear after several inhalations.

With some ailments the mucus in the nose is thick,so it's difficult to blow your nose, especially to children. Moisturizing vapors make the mucus liquid and facilitate its elimination. This is important, as the accumulation of mucus leads to the spread of inflammation.

If inhalations are performed without strong medications,hormones, antibiotics, then no side effects and allergies appear. The device acts gently and safely. The procedures can be performed both with nasal ailments, and infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract.


Solutions for inhalation in the cold with a nebulizer are different. Procedures can be carried out in the following cases:

  1. Sinusitis.In this case, the spray does not have a high efficiency. They are able to spray the drug unevenly over the mucous, so the drug reaches the maxillary sinuses weakly. A nebulizer has a stronger impact.
  2. Rhinitis. Treatment of this ailment is determined by its causes. Inhalation will eliminate swelling, inflammation, to prevent complications.
  3. Frontite. With this disease, inflammation of the frontal sinuses occurs. Inhalation compared with other treatments are more effective.
  4. ARVI. With this disease, symptoms can occur in the form of temperature, cough, sore throat, swelling. Inhalations facilitate a complex of symptoms. But at the temperature they are undesirable.

Device Features

A nebulizer is a device thatIt is used for inhalation and creates ultra-small disperse particles of the drug in suspended matter with vapors of water and air. The smallest are such particles, the size of which is 2-5 microns, that is, they are noticeably smaller than the particles of ordinary vapor.

Inhalation in the cold with a nebulizer, recipes

Because of the small size of the drug dropenter the respiratory system, including the alveoli of the lungs. The device was originally created to treat the ailments of the tracheobronchial tree. Inhalations in a cold with a nebulizer can be performed by using a special mask that adjusts the particle size of the developed vapor. This mask is usually not included with the nebulizer and must be purchased separately.

In some devices, you can adjust the sizeformed particles, and here it is necessary to set the regulator so that the particles are larger. In this case, most of the drug settles in the trachea and bronchi, but some part will be on the inflamed mucosa.

Types of nebulizers

To date, there are 3 typesnebulizer - compressor, mesh-nebulizer and ultrasonic. The first species is more suitable for the treatment of a runny nose and cough. It is able to create a large dispersion, so the drug will settle in the upper respiratory tract.

Ultrasonic devices also help, becausethey create the smallest particles that almost all settle in the bronchi, so nothing will be in the nasal mucosa. Thus it is necessary to know, what inhalations at a cold a nebulizer are carried out. The types of funds used are described below.

What medications are used?

Inhalations in the common cold are performed by a nebulizeralmost with all substances used in the treatment of colds, to wash the nose. The device is forbidden to pour herbal decoctions, milled tablets and oily liquids - they clog the capillaries in the nebulizer and disable it.

Medications for inhalation in the nose with a nebulizer

After entering the lungs, vasoconstrictorsdrugs lead to a violation of blood flow in the lung tissue, which improves the saturation of blood with oxygen, dyspnea occurs. In difficult cases, probably choking. Therefore, do not use vasoconstrictive drops.

Essential oils, penetrating into the lungs, are capturedimmune cells. And since they are considered to be alien to the body, this leads to inflammation and edema. This phenomenon is called lipoid pneumonia, and often it leads to death.


Inhalations in the common cold are often reported by a nebulizerare performed using an interferon solution. The recipe for the mixture is quite simple. For inhalation, the contents of 1 ampoule are required, which is mixed with saline (3 ml). The agent is placed in a drug container. The procedures should be performed 2 times a day for 5-15 minutes.

"Derinat" is used in treatment and preventionvirus diseases. It is used as a medicine for inhalations with a cold with a nebulizer. To conduct the procedure, 2 ml of the drug is enough, which is diluted with saline (2 ml).

Use of salt and alkaline inhalations

Helps with a runny nose for inhalations for nebulizer saline (0.9%). It is only necessary to inhale vapors of saline solution or mineral waters, preferably Borjomi.

Inhalation in the cold by an adult nebulizer

Thanks to the inhalation of water vapor, the nasal mucosa is moistened, the crusts appear to soften, and mucus is more easily removed. A person feels a decrease in burning in the nose and the elimination of dryness.

Pharmacy tinctures

Inhalation for cough and colds by a nebulizerare carried out with the help of pharmacy decoctions, for example, with "Tonzilgon". The mixture consists of several herbs, it includes chamomile, marshmallow, horsetail, walnut, yarrow, oak and dandelion. It has an antiseptic, immunostimulating property.

To maintain local immunity will allow"Chlorophyllipt" is an extract of eucalyptus, which has not only a stimulating effect, but also a secretolytic effect. The nasal secret becomes liquid, which makes it easier to remove it from the nose. Procedures can not be performed if there is an allergy to the plants included.

Recipes for inhalations in the common cold are nebulizer simple enough. "Tonzilgon" should be diluted with saline in the amount of:

  1. 1: 1 for adults and children from 7 years.
  2. 1: 2 - 1-7 years.
  3. 1: 3 - up to 1 year.

"Chlorophyllipt" should be diluted with saline in the amount of 1:10. To use the solution in an inhaler, it must be divided into equal parts of 3 ml. It is necessary to perform 2 procedures per day.

Recipes of inhalations in the cold with a nebulizer withAlcohol solutions are a little difficult to use, because it is necessary to accurately dose the drug. For this, "Rotokan" and alcohol tinctures of marigold and propolis are suitable. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dilute the tincture with saline in the amount of 1:40. Inhalation alcohol solutions are allowed to perform no more than 2 times a day.

Antibacterial and antiseptic agents

Inhalations in the common cold can be performed with an adult solution of "Furacilin" - it is poured into the device. The procedures are performed 2-3 times a day, applying 4 ml per 1 inhalation.

Physiological solution for inhalations for the nebulizer with a cold

The use of antibiotics in the treatment of coldsis considered meaningless, besides it can lead to a decrease in immunity and the appearance of fungal infections. Therefore, one should not prescribe such drugs on their own so as not to allow serious complications.


Even than do inhalations with a colda nebulizer? Mucolytic drugs may be used, although they are more effective in coughing than for nose diseases. But if you suffer from a cold, then cough treatment will not be superfluous, and in this case you need such combined means as:

  1. "Lazolvan".
  2. "Fluimucil".
  3. "Acetylcysteine."


Recipes of inhalations in the common cold with a nebulizer forchildren are the same as for adults, it is only necessary to adhere to dosages. Procedures can be performed up to 1 year. Particularly effective are activities with an inclination to diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

Than to do inhalations at a cold a nebulizer?

Rules for creating a solution and performing procedures

To make the remedy effective, it is necessarycorrectly apply. Unsuitable dosage or improperly performed procedure not only lowers the effectiveness of the medication, but can also negatively affect a person's condition. There are some rules that will prevent errors in the implementation of procedures:

  1. Before preparing the solution, it is necessary to prepareapparatus. It must be collected according to the instructions, attach the container for the medicine, prepare the mask and pre-treat it with alcohol.
  2. All drugs are diluted with saline solutioninstructions. Do not use clean medications because they lead to side effects. The liquid solution is poured into the container first, the drops are added after the saline solution.
  3. The fewer years the child, the more diluted the remedy. Do not arbitrarily increase the dosage of the active agent. This not only enhances the therapeutic effect, but also leads to complications.
  4. Alcohol tinctures are diluted more strongly in comparison with other means. The ratio of drug and saline is usually 1:40 or 1:20.
  5. Inhalation should be carried out by courses,the duration of which is appointed by the doctor. A one-time procedure does not lead to the desired effect. Usually the course is 5-10 days. It is necessary to perform the procedures one hour after or one hour before a meal.
  6. Before the event, you need to check the temperature. If it is more than 37.5, then inhalation should not be performed.
  7. Before and after the procedure, you should not smoke for an hour, eat, drink. It is desirable for some time after the event to give the vocal chords rest.
  8. During the procedure, a person should be in a comfortable position and press the mask tightly to the face. One procedure is 5-7 minutes.
  9. If there are unpleasant sensations, the procedure must be completed.


Inhalations with saline solution and mineralwater has almost no contraindications. If different means are added to the nebulizer, it is necessary to get acquainted with the instruction and with contra-indications to a certain composition. Although the procedures are safe, there are contraindications.

Solutions for inhalation by a nebulizer with a cold

Before the appointment of treatment, doctors warn about side effects and contraindications:

  1. Increased temperature. With this symptom, you can not perform any inhalation. When exposed to steam, vasodilation occurs, and blood circulation increases.
  2. Bleeding from the nose or throat. Procedures will not stop this phenomenon, but because of the widening of the lumen of the vessels will only strengthen it. In addition, it is probable that infections will penetrate the blood.
  3. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.With any ailments of the heart and blood vessels, inhalations should be performed carefully. Hot steam is excluded, and cold is prescribed if necessary. A complete contraindication is a heart attack and stroke.
  4. Hypertension. People with increased blood pressure should not use a nebulizer. It is advisable to check the pressure with a tonometer before each procedure.
  5. Intolerance. Sometimes there is an intolerance of some drugs.
  6. Often inhalations lead to irritation, coughing. Then another form of treatment can be prescribed by the doctor.

Inhalations facilitate a person's condition fora short time. It is enough to perform the procedures regularly and taking into account the recommendations of the doctor. It is important to follow the instructions to the drugs. Then a person recovers quickly enough.

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