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Installation work - an important part of the construction process

Installation work in construction is an assemblymetal and reinforced concrete structures, pipelines, preparation of construction equipment for basic works. In a word, installation is the initial preparation of a building object for work.

installation work
Construction and installation workone of the most costly and laborious processes. They require careful preparation of materials, working area and high qualification of installation specialists.

Mounting works acquire special significancewhen building high-rise buildings. Strength of such structures is determined, first of all, by the quality of reinforced concrete structures and the observance of technology in their installation. Reinforced concrete structures are manufactured at specialized enterprises. They are parts from concrete and reinforcing iron structures. This is a very durable material, whose service life is estimated in decades.

Installation work begins with site preparationfor construction. It includes: the import and assembly of construction equipment and machinery. Specialists mount cranes, compressor and pump installations, lay temporary technical pipelines, prepare electrical equipment. Installation - is not just the assembly and adjustment of equipment, but also its maintenance throughout the time while construction is going on. After digging the foundation pit for the future building, the piles are hammered, which serve as the foundation for the foundation and determine the stability of the structure. Next, builders proceed to install reinforced concrete structures, which are the frame of the building and the interfloor overlapping.

construction and installation works
In carrying out this type of work is paidgreat attention to compliance with safety regulations. Installation of building structures is included in the list of hazardous works for both direct employees and outsiders who have fallen on the construction site. There are many cases of falling of high-altitude cranes on apartment houses, collapse of interfloor overlappings. All this happens because of the violation of technological requirements. Yes, and in the course of the work, a breakdown and falling of parts can occur. One of the most important moments is the fencing of the construction site, the inadmissibility of penetration of unauthorized persons to the site, the place of work on the assembly of structures must also be protected.

cost of installation works
The cost of installation works is calculated, relyingon normative documents, in which all-Russian prices (EniP) and regional prices (EPER) are fixed for different types of installation works. They include the installation of equipment, the assembly of reinforced concrete structures and their maintenance. The calculation of costs includes also the area of ​​work performed, the volume, complexity of work, climatic features. It is necessary to take into account the various errors that may arise during the work, a possible increase in costs.

Installation work is an important stage in the construction of multi-storey buildings, from the quality of which in future will depend the entire further operation of the structure.

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