/ / Medication Hilak forte - instruction, description This article describes a medicine intended for the normalization of intestinal flora. This is Chi

Medication Hilak forte - instruction, description This article describes a medicinal product intended for the normalization of intestinal flora. This is Chi

This article describes a medicinal product,intended for the normalization of the intestinal flora. Abstract "Hilak Forte" was published only for our readers to familiarize themselves with the drug. Before taking any medicine, you should consult the appropriate competent specialists. However, the instruction "Hilak forte" instruction is in each package, and with it you can also read in more detail.

Telling how to take this drugdrug, and describing his actions, we also used medical manuals. Among the pharmacological properties of the drug "Hilak forte" instruction tells consumers about the following: the use of the drug allows to normalize the flora of the intestines, contributes to the normalization of the water-electrolyte balance and acid-base balance (pH).

Thanks to the content of biosynthetic buffersalts of lactic acid and itself, acidity is normalized in the digestive tract. The drug "Hilak forte" also contains gram-positive and gram-negative symbionts of the intestine, beneficial for the function of the mucosa of this organ. The content of the fatty acid in the preparation in question allows the medicine to act prophylactically against infections of the digestive tract, also contributing to the absorption of electrolytes and water.

The medicine showed itself well withrestorative therapy of children in infancy after they have transferred salmonellosis enteritis. Such a beneficial effect of the drug is due to the fact that it causes the growth of a beneficial intestinal microflora, which acts actively antagonist against salmonella.

In the gastrointestinal tract, the "Hilak forte" dropsnormal development of microflora, acid-base balance (pH), and in the lumen of the intestine normalization of the water-electrolyte balance occurs. In the blood, the drug is not absorbed, but passes through the digestive tract. In this case, positive changes in pH occur regardless of the type of acidity of the organism.

Indications for the use of drops "Hilak forte"The instruction calls the following: Various dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract. Including this: diarrhea or vice versa, constipation, poor digestion of food, as well as:

  • Dyspepsia (putrefactive, fermentation).
  • Flatulence.
  • Restoration of the physiological flora of the intestine.
  • Necessity of normalization and maintenance of acidity.

How to take "Hilak forte": before or during a meal. It is taken three times a day. With the reception of drops, there must be enough fluid.

Adult patients and children over the age of twelve are assigned from 40 to 60k. at one time. Children under 12 years old, as well as pregnant women take from 20 to 40 k. Of the drug.

Contraindication is hypersensitivity. The drug "Hilak forte" is not prescribed for babies until two years of age.

With regard to the side effects of the applicationof the drug "Hilak forte", the instruction notes that allergies were rarely seen. There were also cases of complaints about discomfort in the abdomen, due to the use of drops.

It should be carefully read and with specialindications for the use of the described drops: there should be no use of the drug with milk or its products. With water and tea, juice application is allowed and even recommended. If patients have increased acidity, the drug should be administered with caution.

In undiluted form, it is forbidden to take drops.With prolonged diarrhea, which does not stop with the use of drops, as well as the appearance of other pathological symptoms at the time of taking this medication, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

In connection with taking the drug by pregnant women and childrenproblems are not identified. Overdoses in adults have also been observed. A child who takes undiluted drops of the drug will need qualified help.

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