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"AquaMaster" (spray nasal): instruction manual, reviews

Means for nasal administration ubiquitouslyappointed by specialists. Some drugs are designed to treat viral diseases, others boost immunity and fight bacteria. There are hormonal drugs prescribed for inflammation and allergies. Also, compositions for washing the nasal mucosa have a high popularity. One such is the "AquaMaster" (nasal spray). Instructions for using this medication will be presented to your attention in the article. Also you can learn about the main reviews that this medicine has.

aquamaster for the nose

Description, characteristics and cost

What first of all informs the consumer aboutpreparation "AquaMaster" (nasal spray) instruction? The summary tells about the composition of the drug. It contains the active substance of sodium chloride. For every 100 milliliters of medication, it is 0.65 grams. Also in the composition of the drug there are additional substances. This is benzyl alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, water and others.

The cost of a medicine depends on whichyou will buy it. Also important is the volume of the bubble. The drug "AquaMaster" is produced in the volume of 30 and 50 milliliters. The price of a large spray package is about 180-200 rubles. A small bottle costs the consumer 100 rubles or more.

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Indications for use

In what situations of life is the patient assigned tothe drug "AquaMaster" (nasal spray)? Instructions for use indicate that the drug is used in three cases: for treatment, as a preventive measure and for the purpose of hygiene procedures. Indications are the following situations.

  • Rhinitis, sinusitis and sinusitis. Viral and bacterial diseases of the nasal mucosa. Also included here are respiratory tract infections. The medicine is also used to treat allergies.
  • As a preventive measure, medicine canappointed after surgery and before them. Use a spray with dryness in the nose, which is caused by the environment. The purpose of the drug is for those people who are at risk of getting sick in the winter and in contact with infected persons.
  • For the purposes of hygiene, the medication is prescribed for children and adults. Indications for use will be dryness in the nose, the presence of crusts and hardly detachable mucus.

About the drug "AquaMaster" reviews say that hecan be used for a long time. The medicine does not require a special prescription from the doctor. If necessary, you can independently purchase a medicine and apply it.


The "AquaMaster" for the nose has its ownrestrictions in use. The instructions are always warned about them. Pay special attention to these situations. The only way you can get a positive effect of therapy and avoid the development of adverse reactions.

Do not use the medicine for people whohave increased sensitivity to any active substance. It is forbidden to apply the spray to people in a state of hyperhydration, with edema of the brain and lungs. Do not administer the drug to patients during exacerbation of otitis media or chronic ear inflammation. This restriction is valid only for a bacterial or viral cold.

aquamaster instructions for use

"AquaMaster" during pregnancy: what does the instruction say?

The annotation describes that the medication is notwas studied in future mothers and lactating women. However, it is often recommended during pregnancy. Indeed, doctors say that such a compound is one of the safest for the future mother and her baby.

Medication during pregnancy is recommendedfor colds, allergies, for hygienic manipulation and for the prevention. The way of application and the dose in this case may depart somewhat from the standard norms. More detailed information should be clarified by specialists.

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"AquaMaster" (spray nasal) instruction manual

The medication is administered exclusively in the nasal passages.The drug is sprayed twice in each nostril for adults and for one injection - for children. Multiplicity of application can reach four times a day. In this case, the purpose of the drug plays a role.

In the treatment, the agent is given the maximumnumber of times. During the prophylaxis, the medication is administered 1-2 times in the morning and in the evening. If hygiene is necessary, then the morning toilet of the nose is sufficient.

Please note that the medicine in the form ofSpray is categorically contraindicated in children under two years of age. In such cases, the drug is administered only drip. To do this, spray the solution into a small container, then use a pipette to place it in the baby's spout.

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Action medication

About the preparation "AquaMaster" instructions for useinforms that at present there are no negative reactions to the use of the spray. However, doctors remind that any medicine can cause allergies. Also, there is a possibility of a burning sensation and an unpleasant sensation at the beginning of therapy. This reaction is caused by damage to the mucosa. If the product is used improperly, otitis may develop. Especially often it happens in children.

In most cases, the spray exerts apositive action. The composition rinses the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, eliminating bacteria and viruses from them. Also, the medicine softens the dried crusts and gently pulls them out. As a result, the person has a clean mucous membrane of the nose. If you need to use other medicines, they need to be introduced a few minutes after using the drug "AquaMaster".

aquamaster spray nasal instructions


Consumers say that the drug "AquaMaster"the price is quite acceptable. Many other compounds are much more expensive. Also, consumers report that after using the bottle it can be filled with a conventional sodium chloride solution. This is purchased in pharmacies at a much lower price.

The drug "AquaMaster" reviews are positive.Its use facilitates breathing, clears nasal passages, relieves swelling. The drug reduces the need for the use of other vasoconstrictor compositions. This is very important for people who can not use them. For example, for expectant mothers.

Consumers say that one packagethe medicine lasts for a long time. Unlike other medications that need to be poured into the nasal passages, the medicine does not cause discomfort during its use. You can buy the product in almost every pharmacy chain. The medicine has many analogues with the same composition, for example, "Rinostop", "Aquamaris", "Akvalor" and so on.

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