/ / Preparation "Prospan". Instructions. For children: application features

The preparation "Prospan". Instructions. For children: application features

Under the trademark "Prospan" a seriesmedicines for cough. Means in different dosage forms contribute to liquefying sputum and facilitating its excretion from the bronchial system. The preparation "Prospan" is intended for children. Parents' reviews speak in favor of this medication. Many mothers choose this medicine because of its plant base. The composition of the drug is an extract of ivy leaves. Due to its mild and at the same time expressed mucolytic effect, the medicine quickly eliminates unpleasant symptoms of bronchopulmonary pathologies. According to many parents, the drug is well tolerated by children, and side effects are extremely rare. The product is available in the form of tablets (effervescent), drops for inhalation, syrup.

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The drug is recommended for bronchial syndromeobstruction, chronic or acute bronchitis. According to the information that the instruction contains for the medicine "Prospan", for children the remedy is an excellent assistant in the treatment of pathologies in the respiratory system provoked by inflammatory processes and complicated by cough with difficultly separated sputum. It is recommended to take medication for bronchial asthma.


The agent contains fructose in the composition.In this regard, the drug is not recommended for patients with intolerance. Contraindications include also hypersensitivity to any other components. Drops for inhalation, syrup and tablets do not have age restrictions. However, the therapy should be controlled by the doctor. Caution when prescribing the drug should be observed with CCT, liver and brain pathologies.

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The way of using "Prospan". Instructions

For children under 3 years of age, the optimal dosage of dropsfor inhalations is 10 cap. 3-5 times a day, from 4 to 7 years - 15 drops, from 7 years - 20 drops per day. Syrup should be drunk before meals. For small patients it is acceptable to take a diluted solution in a small amount of water. Syrup "Проспан" user guide for children from 6 to 14 years provides forappointment: 15 ml each, and up to 6 years - 7.5 ml per day. The amount of the drug is divided into three doses. Effervescent tablets are dissolved in a glass of water. Patients under 12 years of age are recommended to take 1/2 tablet three times a day, from 12 years - on a pill twice a day. The duration of the drug is determined in accordance with the severity of the course of the pathology. As a rule, the therapeutic course lasts not less than a week.

Additional information about the preparation "Prospan" (for children). Price of medicine

A guide for children

The cost of the facility is from 170 to 220rubles. The drug is considered relatively affordable at its high efficiency. This fact is another advantage of the drug in comparison with many others. As evidenced by the information that the instruction contains to the tool "Prospan", for children this medicine is one of the safest. Often, the drug becomes the only medication for treating bronchopulmonary pathologies in young patients. However, experts remind that, despite the comparative availability and high efficiency of the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking it.

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