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Popular advice: what to wash your nose with a cold

In the cold season many people suffer from a runny nose.It can be a symptom of catarrhal diseases, a reaction of the body to hypothermia or wet feet. Some ailments - rhinitis, sinusitis - are also manifested by stuffy nose. Inability to breathe normally causes bad sleep, headache. You are tired and irritated. The mucous nasopharynx becomes overdried, red. Plus to all unaesthetic snot ... Here we will consider, than it is better to wash a nose at this unpleasant disease.

Than to wash a nose at a cold

Sea baths

Thalassotherapy (sea treatment) is very effectivehelps with various kinds of colds. Well, if you do not have the opportunity to go to the resort for every runny nose, arrange a sea bath at home for your nose. To create a solution that is close in composition to oceanic water is not difficult. It will take sea salt and iodine. The water should not be cold, but not hot - otherwise you will burn the mucous membrane. On the glass, add a third of a spoonful of salt and 2 drops of iodine, stir. First, you need to release the airways (for example, galazolin), otherwise you will not have to inhale the solution. Rinse the nose when stuffing should be like this: we clamp one nostril, and the second draw in the solution, until we feel it in the mouth. Spit out, repeat the action about five times. Then we do the same procedure with the second nostril.

The better to wash your nose

Herbs for help

In addition to salt solutions, you can use andherbal infusions. Ask any pharmacist, than to wash your nose with a cold. He, among other medicines, will advise you tincture of calendula or eucalyptus. Individual solution is not a problem: just add a spoonful of herbal essence in a glass with warm boiled water. Help with a cold and broths from the flowers of chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, leaves of plantain. Vegetable raw materials need to be poured with boiling water and hold on the fire for five minutes, then cool and drain. By the way, besides the baths, you can arrange your nose and inhalation. If there is no special device, just cover your head with a towel over a saucepan with hot broth and get some steam.

Than to wash a nose at zalozhennosti

Bow - help from seven ailments

Than to wash out a nose at a cold, if in the house there is noherbs, or any medications? Onions can be found in any apartment. Rub it on the grater, strain the juice from the gruel. Do not rush to drip it in your nose - overdry the mucous membranes. Mix the juice with vegetable oil and wait for several hours. Also, carrots and beet juices mixed with half of the squeezed lemon are good for rhinitis and sinusitis. Garlic drops - that's what you can wash your nose with a cold if you can. Pass a few slices through the press, pour warm olive oil, soak for 10 hours. Effective in the fight against nasal congestion essential oils: pine, peach, mint, eucalyptus.

Exotic plants

Than to wash out a nose at a cold, using plantsfrom the window-sill? Kalanchoe, agave and aloe people are grown not only for beauty. The juice of these plants does not even need a pipette - fleshy leaves play the function of measuring drops not worse than it. If you do not keep these exotics, buy at the pharmacy tablets furatsilina - they cost a penny. Crush one yellow circle into a powder, dissolve it in warm water and rinse your nose in health!

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