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"Humer": instruction for children, description and reviews

On the shelves of pharmacy chains parents of children,suffering from a runny nose, can find a lot of various means to eliminate the existing problem. The drugs have different effects: antiseptic, antiviral, immunomodulating, antimicrobial, vasoconstrictive and so on. But they should all be used only on the recommendation of the treating doctor.

Separately it is necessary to say about salt solutions.They are also presented in a wide range. The main difference between them and other drugs is that they can be used independently and for a long time. Today's article will tell you about one of them. Medication "Humer" has long won the trust of consumers, it is in high demand.

baby instruction for children

Types and description of the medicine

The drug "Humer" instruction (for children andadults) is positioned as a safe remedy for eliminating the common cold, preventing and moisturizing the mucous membranes of the nose. On sale there are several options for this medication. Each contains a solution of sterile sea water. The medicine is sold without a prescription. At your option, you can buy the following drugs:

  • Children's "Humer" (spray) with a volume of 150 ml.
  • An agent for adults in small and large vials (50 and 150 ml).
  • "Humer" is red (the instruction for children allows to use this remedy only from three months).
  • "Humer Monodosa" - bottles of 5 ml for children from birth.

humid monodose instruction for children 5 ml

Is it possible to use the drug without prescribing a doctor and in what cases is it necessary?

You already know what you can buyabsolutely in any pharmacy without a special prescription drug "Humer". The instruction for children and adults allows the preventive use of a medicament and the use of a solution with a therapeutic purpose. "Humer" is prescribed for babies and older children for the following indications:

  • rhinitis (vasomotor, allergic, infectious nature);
  • diseases of the nasopharynx, accompanied by swelling and secretion of thick secretions;
  • adenoids;
  • dryness in the nose and irritation;
  • contact with dust, allergens and chemical compounds (inhalation);
  • operative interventions (to purify and prevent infection).

hammer in ampoules instruction for children

Contraindications and unforeseen reactions

In most cases, with proper usethe "Humer" remedy is well perceived by the kids. Instructions for use for children (newborns) do not recommend the use of solutions that are intended for adults. Such funds can be used only after 3 months. It is preferable for babies to prescribe a children's spray or "Humer" in ampoules. Instruction (for children the most important thing is safety) must be carefully studied before application. Please note that contraindications indicate hypersensitivity. What does it mean? If your baby has intolerance to saline solutions and sea water, then from the use of this type of medicine should be discarded.

In the treatment of side effects, usually notappears. But if the child has an allergy or dryness in the nose, then it is worthwhile to postpone the use of the medication and contact the doctor. Some consumers and doctors refer to side effects of otitis media. Indeed, if the application is incorrect, the seawater solution under pressure comes into the ear canal. As you know, in children it is very wide and short. This leads to inflammation. Consult your doctor for further tactics.

"Humer": instruction for children and the scheme of application

The medication is for nasal administration.The drug is often used in the therapy of rhinitis, pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis and other diseases. In this case, it is combined with other drugs. How to use the solution correctly? First, it is necessary to clean the nasal passages by "Humer" and only then to introduce medicinal substances.

Children who do not yet know how to sit, procedurespend in prone position. Place the baby not the left barrel and spray the composition into the right nostril. After this, lift the baby and allow the solution to leak from the spout. Repeat the same action on the left. The multiplicity of application in the treatment of colds can be from 4 to 8 times a day. If you are afraid to overdo it, you can choose the tool "Humer Monodoza". Instruction for children 5 ml recommends to use at once. Therefore, you will not be mistaken with the amount of the drug.

To children after half a year the medicine is entered sosame as adults. Tilt the baby's head over the sink and spray the composition at a slight angle. Do not be afraid to insert a nose too deep. The existing limiter will not allow you to do this.

red instruction manual for children

Customer Reviews

You already know how to use the remedy"Humer" instruction. For children, the composition is suitable from the first days of life. This is an important advantage. Consumers speak out about the drug only in a positive way. They say that the drug helps to soften the crusts easily in the baby's nose. In addition, a harmless product removes swelling due to the content of sea salt in it. When treating colds and allergic rhinitis, the solution gently cleanses the nasal passage walls, moisturizing them.

Use of medicines for the purpose of preventionshowed its effectiveness. Even if the child is in contact with the infected, the Humer solution reduces the likelihood of getting sick several times. He collects all the harmful microorganisms and takes them out of the baby's spout with a single stream. Parents who once tried "Humer", now always keep it in their medicine chest. Ampoules of 5 milliliters are convenient to take along on the road.

baby instruction manual for children


From the article you learned about the effective and safea remedy for the treatment of the common cold is the "Humer" saline solution. Instruction for children, the description of the drug and its types are presented to your attention. When using the drug, always remember about hygiene. If the sprayer is used by several family members at once, then it must be disinfected all the time. Strong to you health, do not be ill!

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