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Rothmans- cigarettes with an excellent quality Englishman

Rothmans - cigarettes with a dash of excellent qualityEnglishman. The commodity brand was registered in 1952, at first it was part of an English company called Rothmans. Then the brand was bought by British American Tobacco. She is a private property of the corporation at present. The only distributor of cigarettes in the Russian Federation is the SNA Group of Companies.

British aristocracy

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The English brand Rothmans, whose cigarettesare produced from high quality tobacco and have a unique taste peculiar to all adepts of the aroma of pure tobacco. Classical conservative decisions in both the technology of making tobacco and in the presentation of the brand made him a favorite in pricing.

Cigarettes of this brand have enough availablethe cost. However, they are distinguished by the special refinement and subtle elegance of cigarettes in the price segment of high-priced tobacco products. The Rothmans taste preserves the traditions of British tobacco smoking. Restraint, aristocratism, relevance - these are the qualities that it is appropriate to characterize this brand.

Exquisite classics

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At present, there are fourRothmans cigarettes: classic versions of King Size and Super Slim and modern cigarettes - Rothmans Demi and Rothmans Nano. King Size contains 10 mg of resin and 0.8 mg of nicotine. Thus, it is characterized by a strong enough taste of classical tobacco of the highest grade. For fans of flavors, the softer the manufacturer introduces King Size Special Mild, which contains just 0.6 mg of nicotine and 7 mg of resin.

A characteristic feature of the packaging of these cigarettes isclassical shape with sharp angles. The logo is shown on a white background. A small amount of Rothmans is produced in packs that have the shape of a cigarette case. Such an interesting form of packaging was liked by the main part of connoisseurs of aesthetics. Buyers who prefer cigarettes with a filter in the form of a mouthpiece as a bonus, can choose among the traditional King Size format and modern compact format Demi.

History of Rothmans: cigarettes that conquered Russia

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At the beginning of the cigarettes of this brand came to Russiafrom Great Britain. Transportation costs significantly inflated the cost of cigarettes. But then the beginning of production of domestic Rothmans cigarettes was the opening of the manufacturing plant in Saratov. After that, the price of Rothmans cigarettes dropped significantly, almost twice. If the original bundle from England costs from 200 to 2000 rubles, then Rothmans of Russian production can be bought at a price of 60 rubles per pack. Since that time they have turned into cigarettes, available to a wider range of lovers of high-quality tobacco. For this reason, these cigarettes from the premium price segment moved into the middle price class. This tactical move of its kind turned out to be quite successful in all parameters, because the Kent brand has already started leading in the premium segment. To compete with such a brand did not make sense. And in the average price range there was no leader, and Rothmans - cigarettes with a well-known name - immediately took their place quite firmly. The Rothmans brand immediately attracted the attention of the consumer to the presence of high quality, which he did not miss when lowering the price policy. Thus, the extremely attractive price of this brand made it extremely popular among connoisseurs and adepts of quality tobacco who do not have the opportunity to smoke premium segment cigarettes.

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