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"Mikomaks": instruction, analogues, recommendations

It is generally accepted that "Mikomaks"antifungal medication for treatment of thrush in women. Undoubtedly, there is some truth in this. Usually, for the treatment of female candidiasis (as doctors call thrush), gynecologists prescribe a single dose of the drug "Mikomaks". The instruction for the preparation contains more detailed information about this medicine.

From it you can find out that "Mikomaks", curativethe substance of which is fluconazole, actively destroys and inhibits the growth of a number of microorganisms. These include Histoplasma capsulatum, Candida spp,, Coccidioides immitis, Cryptococcus neoformans, many other species.

As medical practice shows, theseorganisms can cause disease not only in women, but also in men, who very often are carriers of the same thrush. And they are not talking about promiscuity or sloppiness. Infection with candidiasis a woman can through infected objects, through the intestines. Sometimes the disease occurs even in the absence of sexual activity, if the woman's immunity is weakened. Naturally, during sexual intercourse, candida are transmitted from partner to partner. That is why doctors prescribe medicines not only for women, but they also select the necessary dose of "Mikomaks" for men to treat thrush.

It should be noted that, despite the fact that forgetting rid of candidiasis for both men and women is often enough for one pill, sometimes it becomes necessary to increase the dose. That is why the dosage of the drug "Mikomaks", the instruction also insists on this, the doctor should select.

However, this medicine is effective not only for the treatment of fungal infections. "Mikomaks", the manual contains detailed information about it, recommended:

· For the treatment of infections caused by cryptococcus. Usually the course of taking tablets lasts about two months

· In order to prevent recurrence of cryptococcal meningitis, which affects patients with AIDS. In this case, the treatment lasts for several months.

· For the prevention and treatment of genital candidiasisorgans, oral cavity or pharynx, damage to the bronchopulmonary system. In this case, treatment with the drug "Mikomaks", the instruction informs about this, it is possible to start before the results of the sowing (analysis). Based on their results, the therapeutic dose and duration of the course will be selected. Treatment can take from one day to several weeks.

· For the prevention of all types of fungal infections in cancer patients and patients with benign neoplasms.

"Mikomaks", the instruction warns, can be prescribed to children or patients of advanced age. In this case, doctors should select the dosage with particular attention.

Observations of patients taking thismedicine, showed that with an overdose of "Mikomaks", vomiting, nausea, hallucinations, paranoid behavior may develop. In this case, it is necessary to urgently go to the clinic, able to purify the body with hemodialysis and conduct symptomatic treatment.

However, even with the correct dosage,there will be unpleasant side reactions. This indigestion, dizziness, dyspepsia, diarrhea, vomiting. Sometimes, however, very rarely, there are allergic reactions, there are seizures, arrhythmia, there are failures in the system of hematopoiesis.

Naturally, with the appearance of such symptoms, the drug is canceled.

"Mikomaks", the instruction warns, is contraindicated to pregnant, "renal" and "hepatic" patients.

Often doctors are asked a question:"Are there any analogues of the Czech medicine" Mikomaks? ". Analogues of it are produced in our country (Vero-Flukonazol, Flukostat), Slovenia (Diflazon), France (Diflucan), Cyprus (Medoflucon), Hungary (Mycosyst, Nofung) , Turkey ("Disorel-Sanovel"). In other countries, analogues of "Mycomomax" with other names are produced, so that there are never any difficulties with the acquisition of this medicine.

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