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Network "Cheap pharmacy" in Krasnoyarsk

In order not to overpay extra moneywhen buying medicines, many residents of the city of Krasnoyarsk are trying to find pharmacies with the lowest prices. How realistic is it, where can they be found and why is there a category among all pharmacies such as the "cheap pharmacy" in Krasnoyarsk?

Cheap pharmacy in Krasnoyarsk

Cheap Pharmacy City

Все медицинские препараты имеют минимальную the cost. It depends on the methods of production, the components used, as well as the pharmacological and therapeutic properties. In addition, some role is played by the presence of auxiliary components, which may have a different set of side effects.

To offer the medicine to the buyer,observing the "price-quality" and "efficiency / safety" ratio, many pharmacological organizations position themselves as a cheap pharmacy. Krasnoyarsk has many such pharmacies that support state social programs for some privileged strata of society, offer an alternative to expensive drugs and adhere to the lowest possible prices.

Addresses of the most popular cheap pharmacies

The list contains the main pharmaceutical organizations, which can be attributed to the status of "cheap pharmacy."

Cheap pharmacy addresses Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk represents such pharmacies of low prices:

  • "Rainbow" - st. Railway workers, 24.
  • "FarmMed-Business" - st. Shipbuilding, d. 70-A.
  • "EniseyMed Prof" - st. Ninth of May, 58.
  • "Agave" - ​​Urvantseva Street, 26.
  • "Oneiro" - st. North, 10.
  • "Oz" - st. Volunteer Brigade, 5.
  • "Melody of Health" - Partizana Zheleznyak street, 23.
  • LLC "L-Max" - Dmitry Martynov Street, 25.
  • "BusinessFarm" - streets: Academician Kurchatov, 1-A, and Academician Kirensky, 60.
  • "Pharmacy" - TV street, 7-A.

Separately it is necessary to allocate a chemist's network "Cheap drugstore". Krasnoyarsk has only 6 points of this network, but this does not prevent it from competing with other representatives of pharmaceuticals.

"Cheap pharmacy" network: addresses in Krasnoyarsk

The stores of the network are located at the following addresses:

  • Prospekt to them. the newspaper "Krasnoyarsk Worker", 129.
  • Prospekt to them. the newspaper "Krasnoyarsk Worker", 88-A.
  • Street Academician Vavilov, 31.
  • Prospect Metallurgov, 12.
  • Ul. Shevchenko, 44.
  • Michurina Street, 11.

"Cheap pharmacy" in Krasnoyarsk has proveditself as a network with the most optimal conditions for making purchases. For the convenience of customers, the working hours of institutions are 14 hours a day, and their location implies the availability of pharmacies in several areas of the city.

In addition, here the qualitatively selectedpersonnel who will be able to advise the buyer on all questions regarding medical products, analogues, medical devices, and also the selection of cosmetics.

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