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The drug "Essley Forte." Instructions for use

Essley Forte("Essentiale Forte, Liv-52" and others) are designed for the prevention and treatment of lesions in liver cells of different nature .The medicines have hepatoprotective activity.

Essliver Forte helps restore the functions of liver structures involved in toxicological blood purification. The medication is presented in the form of capsules.

Characterizing the drug Essley Forte,the instruction for use indicates its ability to influence the metabolic processes. Taking medication promotes normalization of metabolism (carbohydrate and fat), participates in their splitting and assimilation.

After taking the medicine "Essley Forte"settles in the liver cell structures. Along with this, the phospholipids included in the composition penetrate the cell membranes, thus restoring their integrity.

To the indications for the medicine "Essley Forte"The instructions for use refer to disorders in the outflow of bile, fatty dystrophy, structural age changes, cirrhosis in the liver, hepatoses, hepatitis of toxic and viral nature. The drug is recommended as a maintenance therapy after the operation to remove the gallbladder. The "Essley Forte" tool recommends using the radiation sickness (at any stage), allergic massive reactions, psoriatic skin lesions, destructures in the hepatic tissue of toxic nature, narcotic and alcoholic lesions.

Pregnant women are prescribed medication as a prophylaxis in order to reduce the burden on the liver. The drug helps to reduce the duration of the probability of toxicosis at different stages.

Dosage is calculated individually, taking into account the patient's condition and the nature of the pathology.

Patients with twelve years of age are recommended twocapsules three times a day. Take medicine with food. Drink capsules with a sufficient volume of water. During the therapeutic course, the patient is recommended to follow a diet. From the diet should be oily and spicy food, include products containing methionine (cod, kefir, eggs, etc.).

The average dosage for pregnant women is a capsule three times a day. The drug should be taken no more than thirty days in a row. If necessary, the doctor can correct the scheme of taking the medicine.

Essential Forte and alcohol

As you know, alcohol is detrimental tothe whole body and the liver cells, in particular. The liver, which is in a constant alcohol intoxication, reduces the ability to purify the blood of toxins and toxins. As a result, not only the general condition of the patient worsens, the functional capabilities of individual body systems (brain and other organs) are disrupted. Essliver Forte is recommended for use as a prophylaxis for prevention of destructive changes in hepatic cells. As a result of the research, it was found that the drug significantly reduces the severity of the withdrawal syndrome.

Essential phospholipids contained inmedicine as active substances, block the production of acetylhydrazide, responsible for the splitting of alcohol. This component, excreted by the liver of alcoholics, contributes to the development of dependence on alcoholic beverages.

The medicine "Essley Forte", in the opinionspecialists and patients, is an effective tool. Therapeutic result was noted by patients after the first week of admission. However, experts recommend taking capsules to achieve a lasting result of at least three months. During the entire therapeutic course, systematic medical supervision is necessary.

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