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Rice broth for diarrhea in children. How to cook a rice broth

Наверняка каждому человеку приходилось to face digestive disorders. Especially dangerous such a pathology is considered in children and the elderly. This article will discuss an interesting way to treat diarrhea in a child. You will learn how to act as a rice decoction for diarrhea in children. Also find out which features should be taken into account before giving such a folk remedy to your child. It is necessary to say and how to prepare a rice broth for a child.

rice broth for diarrhea in children


To begin with it is necessary to say a few words aboutpathology. Diarrhea is a digestive disorder, when a person experiences an irresistible desire to empty himself. In this case, the patient is liquefied (often watery) stool and abdominal pain. In some cases, excessive gassing and rumbling may occur.

One can speak about diarrhea when the bowel movement is diluted with feces more than three times a bitch. Most often, the number of feces reaches 10-15 times.

Treatment of diarrhea

Correction of pathology is necessary.Especially if it arose in a child. All methods of influence on the body are divided into two types: medicinal and folk methods. A fairly common remedy is rice decoction. When diarrhea in children, it is used quite often. Many doctors recommend using this tool in conjunction with prescribed medications.

how to cook rice water for children

Rice decoction for diarrhea in children

How does this remedy work?Rice decoction, falling into the stomach, gently envelops its walls. Also, the tool helps to eliminate toxins from the children's body. Rice decoction has an astringent effect. It is thanks to this that the work of the digestive tract is getting better.

Перистальтика кишечника несколько снижается и bounces back. In addition, rice water is involved in the formation of fecal masses. The liquefied consistency becomes denser due to the removal of fluid from it.

Также рисовый отвар при поносе у детей способен deliver nutrients to the body. Few people want to eat when poisoning, especially the appetite is lost in children. This medicine can partially saturate the body and give it strength to fight the disease.

how to cook rice water for baby

Are there any contraindications for taking rice broth?

If, in addition to stool disorder, the baby hasindomitable vomiting, which does not bring relief, you should not give him rice water. For the child, in this case, the best option would be medication in the hospital.

Also, if you find impurities in stool massesblood, mucus and other unusual substances should consult a doctor and not self-medicate. At high temperatures, rice water can only aggravate the situation. If diarrhea is caused by intestinal infection, then you need to take sorbents and antibiotics to eliminate the pathology, and not to contribute to the retention of feces in the body of the baby.

How to make a decoction of rice for the child?

Remember that before you cook thishealing drink, you need to consult with a pediatrician. Only after obtaining permission for such treatment can it be applied to the child. So, how to make a decoction of diarrhea for children? Here are a few basic points.

rice water for baby

  1. To get started, choose a good pic. It should be white, not gray. Prefer not steamed product. Only in this case, the drink will turn out viscous, similar to jelly.
  2. Boil two glasses of clean tap water.and put two tablespoons of rice in it. If you are preparing rice water for diarrhea for infants, then you should soak the product beforehand. For soaking, use plain water. Let rice stand for 12 hours.
  3. Boil the rice water on low heat,constantly stirring. Take care that the grass does not start to burn and stick to the bottom. If water boils away, then gradually add the required amount. Use only boiled liquid.
  4. It is forbidden to add salt and sugar to rice water. The medicine should be bland and viscous.
  5. After one hour, turn off the gas andleave the solution cool. At the same time rice has to be in liquid. After about half an hour, you can strain the solution. This can be done with a special mesh or gauze. You can also use a sterile bandage folded in half. Remember that the cloth must be clean. Otherwise, you can only worsen the child's condition by adding new bacteria to his body.

how to make rice water for the child

How to give rice water to children?

How to cook rice water for diarrhea for children, you already know. Now you need to figure out how to give it. It all depends on the age of the baby.

If diarrhea has conquered infants before the age of oneyear, you need to give him at one time about 50 milliliters of the healing composition. If the baby refuses to drink from a bottle, then you can use a spoon or a syringe. Never mix the solution with baby food or breast milk. The medicine must be used independently. On the day you need to make up to four doses of this medication. As soon as it becomes easier for the child, stop giving him rice water.

When diarrhea occurs in older childrenage, rice water should be given a little differently. At one time the child should consume a quarter cup. You need to drink the drug every 3-4 hours for two days. If a child has diarrhea changed to constipation, then urgent treatment should be stopped.

The action of rice broth comes in the first hours after ingestion. That is why this tool is very popular among mothers of children suffering from diarrhea.

treatment of diarrhea in children with rice water


Now you know how to cure diarrhea in a child.using rice broth. If during the first two days after the first intake of the drug, the baby does not feel better, then an urgent need to visit a doctor and get an appointment. You may have to pass some tests. Be healthy and let your children not get sick!

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