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What should I do if my ears are stuffed with a cold?

Any catarrhal disease can be accompanied bya number of complications. Not everyone knows how to evaluate and treat this or that symptom, which appeared after a banal rhinitis or laryngitis. For example, what to do if the ears are stuffed with a cold?

Why he lays his ears

Ears filled with a cold
It is not at all surprising that there is a doctor-lor,treating immediately the ear, throat, nose, because all these organs are closely related. The feeling of stuffiness after a cold is easy to explain by the physiological structure of the inner ear. The pressure in the inner ear is maintained by a special element - the Eustachian tube. If this passage is narrowed or clamped, something like a vacuum with an unchangeable pressure appears in the inner ear. The problem with this condition is that the pressure in the inner ear does not match with the external pressure. In this case, the tympanic membrane is pressed. There is a feeling, which we call no other than "laid the ears in the cold". Similarly, ears can also be laid after otitis. If such feelings have appeared during cold disease or a viral infection, the most important thing is to understand what we are dealing with. Banal whether it is a physiological complication or a separate ear disease.

What to do if the ears are laid

If the ears
Runny nose has not yet gone to the end?Then it is necessary to remove mucus from the nasal passages, to drip any drops narrowing the vessels. After this, it is recommended that you sit quietly for a few minutes or lie down - wait for the drug to proceed. Did not help? Then you can try to do a simple exercise. All you need is to hold your nose well with your hands and forcefully exhale. Do not be surprised if you fail the first time. Permitted to repeat several times. You should feel something like cotton, after which you will hear sounds again. There is one more physical manipulation that helps if you have your ears stuffed with a cold. To the sick ear, you should press your palm firmly, and then abruptly remove it. Other respiratory movements, which may be effective: blow through a tubing to drink or inflate an air balloon.

Treatment of the ear, laid down for physical reasons

Ear treatment
If the feeling of embarrassment appeared aftera rapid lift on the elevator or riding on attractions, to remove it enough to yawn or make a strong swallowing movement. Often lays his ears after bathing. This is due to ingress of water. Solve this problem by dabbing your ear with a corner of a clean towel or a cotton swab. If only one ear is laid, it is enough to shake your head vigorously several times. You can just wait for the water to flow naturally. It will take 7-10 minutes, but definitely not more than 20. Another way to get rid of an unpleasant feeling, it does not matter, put your ears in a cold or for physical reasons - rinse your nose with water and salt. It is advisable, of course, to use sea salt for this procedure, but if it is not available, the usual cookery will do. Dilute a couple of pinches in warm water, suck water with your nose so that it comes out through the mouth, spit.

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