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Inhalation with bronchitis: not only possible, but also necessary!

Bronchitis is a disease characterized by viraland bacterial lesions of the bronchial mucosa. This disease is accompanied by an abundant release of mucus, which reduces the clearance of the bronchi. The more it becomes, the more difficult it is to separate and withdraw from the body. Inhalation with bronchitis is a very effective way of liquefaction and excretion of sputum.

Inhalation with bronchitis

As a rule, this procedure is part of thecomplex treatment. Along with the reception of medicines, physiotherapy procedures, special breathing exercises and other methods of inhalation with bronchitis help prevent the transition of the disease to the chronic stage, which will require more long and careful treatment.

Inhalation, which is ancient, but stilleffective method of treatment of respiratory diseases, is aimed at alleviating the pathological process, reducing the severity of cough, facilitating the separation of sputum. And this is a very simple method. If a diagnosis such as bronchitis is made, inhalation at home is necessary. Such procedures greatly facilitate the patient's condition and contribute to an early recovery. However, like any other medical procedure, the doctor should prescribe the inhalation, and not the patient himself.

Bronchitis inhalation at home
The most popular option is steam inhalation,when plant-based medicinal preparations are used. After preparing the broth of the necessary herbs, the infusion is poured into the teapot for brewing, on the nozzle of which is put a paper cone for breathing in pairs of broth. The procedure should be performed in accordance with the usual rhythm of breathing, without deep breaths. A variation of this variant is inhalation over a pan with broth in the "tent" from a towel completely covering the head.

Steam inhalations with bronchitis are twoonce a day, 2 hours after eating, for 5-10 minutes. Another hour after the end of the procedure, smoking is forbidden (it is better to refuse from bronchitis at all), food intake, lively conversation. Steam inhalations are never carried out with a medicinal broth in the boiling stage, as well as in the presence of contraindications.

Recently, inhalation with bronchitis dousing a special device - a nebulizer. Its distinctive feature - bringing the drug solution to the state of fine-dispersed aerosol. In this form, the drugs easily penetrate the respiratory tract and are quickly absorbed by the body.

Whether it is possible with bronchitis of inhalation
If with a steam inhalation the breathing tubeis extremely undesirable (since a jet of hot steam from the mouthpiece can burn the larynx), when using a nebulizer it is much better than a mask, since it excludes the loss of the drug.

Inhalation by a nebulizer is also prescribed by a doctor,and, depending on the complexity of the disease and the drug used, the course of inhalations can last 5-10 days. In the case of the appointment of several drugs, they are inhaled in a certain order: the first is a bronchodilator, the second is a drug for liquefying sputum, the third is an anti-inflammatory drug. There are breaks between inhalations.

Otherwise, the rules of the procedure with the use of a nebulizer differ little from ordinary steam inhalations.

And at last, it is necessary to answer this question:"Can I do inhalation with bronchitis in pregnant women?". Of course, such procedures are much preferable, rather than medical intervention, but nevertheless future mothers should consult a doctor beforehand.

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