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Panzinorm, instruction for use, contraindications and side effects

The basis of the drug "Panzinorm" is the groupenzymes released by the pancreas, which is represented by lipase, amylase and protease. These substances are intended by nature to digest fats, beks and carbohydrates in the gastrointestinal tract. This drug is a combined substitute for pancreatin.
"Penzinorm", instruction indicates, replenishesinsufficient production of enzymes by the pancreas, accelerates the decomposition of complex molecules into simple forms, eliminates digestive disturbances. The capsule dissolves in the stomach. The pancreatin granules in it are protected by a special coating from the acidic medium, they are transported together with the gastric contents into the duodenum, where the pH is 5.5. There enzymes are released and provide normal physiological digestion.

"Penzinorm", instruction indicates, is validcomplex. Lipase breaks down fats to fatty acids and glycerin to make them easy to digest. Likewise, lipase reacts with fat-soluble vitamins. Amylase converts carbohydrates into dextrins, decomposes them to a glucose molecule. Protease reacts with proteins, ensures their cleavage into simpler substances that are freely absorbed in the intestine.

"Pancreatin" significantly alleviates the condition of patients with chronic pancreatitis, because the protease, which is part of the drug, reduces the secretory function of the pancreas.

"Panzinorm", instruction for indications

"Pancreatin" is prescribed for chronic pancreatic insufficiency of various origin:
with established chronic pancreatitis;
at conditions of patients after the operation, during which the gastrointestinal anastomosis is imposed;
when diagnosed with cystic fibrosis;
at blockage of biliary, pancreatic ducts.

"Panzinorm", the instruction indicates, is appointed in order to speed up the movement of food through the intestines:
with liver diseases;
with dyspepsia;
when eating fatty or rough food.
Before carrying out X-ray and ultrasound studies, the use of the drug allows you to get rid of the accumulated gases in the intestine.
"Pancreatin" is used for flatulence.

The doctor independently determines the dose of "Pancreatin" individually. Dosiruyut medicine "Pansinorm", based on the patient's condition, pancreas, diet.

Contraindications for use

The drug is not prescribed:
with increased sensitivity to any component that is part of the drug,
with acute pancreatitis
with exacerbation of chronic form pancreatitis.

"Panzinorm", instruction for side effects

In clinical trials, an allergic rash or itching was rarely seen.
In a few cases, there was a violation of bronchial function.
Taking large doses of "Panzinorma" can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea.

If the pill "Panzinorm" patients with cystic fibrosiswill take in high doses, for example, the amount of lipase will exceed 10 000 units / kg / day, then there may be a narrowing of the lumen of the colon, a violation of the ileocecal intestine, colitis.

Notes on the application of "Panzinorma"

Patients whose condition after taking the drug causes suspicion of colon obstruction, it is recommended to examine to exclude fibrosing colonopathy.

Clinical data on the use of pancreaticenzymes of pregnant women and nursing mothers do not. Therefore, treatment "Pansinorm" is prescribed for pregnant and breast-feeding women for serious indications and is conducted under the supervision of a doctor.

"Pancreatin" does not affect the quality of transport management, to work with mechanical devices.
For children, the drug is prescribed taking into account the severity of the disease and diet.

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