/ Useful lentils. Caloric content and properties

Useful lentils. Caloric content and properties

Lentil is a plant that belongs tobean family. Small, oblate seeds are used for food. Residents of Ancient Greece, Egypt and Babylon already knew about lentils - soups, cereals, soup from her grains often were on their table. Yes, and in medieval Russia, such food was very popular, and even from lentils people pecked special bread. For a long time Russia was the largest producer of this type of beans.

Useful lentils. Caloric value. Beneficial features

lentils caloric value

Lentils, the calorie content of which is in rawform about 290-320 kcal / 100g, rightly refers to dietary products. This statement may seem controversial, because 320 kcal is not so little. The secret is that with any heat treatment its energy value is reduced, and the finished lentil, the calorie content of which after cooking is reduced to 110-120 kcal, is undoubtedly a dietary product. And, like all legumes, quite satisfying. By the way, useful properties, unlike calories, do not decrease after heat treatment. And they have a lot of lentils.

Dishes from it simply need to be included in the dieta person with diabetes mellitus - porridge or lentil soup twice a week will help reduce blood sugar. Do you suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, urolithiasis, have problems with the digestive tract? Eat lentils - it will help you to fight with ailments.

Dishes from her strengthen not only the body, itsrecommend to use and in the presence of nervous disorders, as well as to strengthen immunity and improve the overall tone of the body. Prevention of cancer, normalization of the genitourinary system - all these are properties that lentils possess. Caloric content is low, and the content of potassium and iron is quite large, which indicates the benefits of this plant for the process of hematopoiesis.

red lentils

The most valuable isoflavone, vitamins, fiber,microelements, amino acids - all this is necessary for a person, and this is in lentils. Folic acid, along with the above beneficial substances that make up the lentils, is especially necessary for a pregnant woman and a developing fetus.

On sale you can see lentils of different colors: green, brown, red lentils. You can find black grains and French lentils of a "marble" black-and-green structure.

From this plant not only cereals and soups are prepared.Salads and side dishes, stews, cutlets and stuffing for pies - everywhere lentils to the place. And in combination with tomatoes, onions, carrots and garlic seasoned with spices, it can even claim the title of delicious dish. It is useful to know that lentil red is most suitable for soups, as it quickly boils.

red lentils

Take note of a simple recipe:a small onion cut into cubes and fry in vegetable oil, add to the bow 1 glass of washed lentils, all on fire for another 2-3 minutes. Put all in a saucepan, pour 1.5 liters of water. Cook for 20 minutes, until the lentils are boiled. Add 5 chopped tomatoes and crushed garlic (3-4 cloves). Salt, sprinkle with pepper and favorite spices. Let him leave another couple of minutes - and the dish is ready. If desired, you can add a little lemon juice, and before serving, decorate the dish with herbs. The soup will turn out delicious, and, like all dishes made of lentils, very useful.

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