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Harm E-cigarette

Almost all smokers want to quit.Of course, there are those who are willing to sing the hymns of cigarettes, but they are not so much. Any person on a subconscious level understands that this harmful habit will not lead to good.

In the modern world there are many means,which can help break with tobacco, especially for those who stop smoking, many books have been written and a lot of useful films have been filmed. But why do people still smoke? Is all this useless?

Each means to fight their smokingadvantages and disadvantages. There is nothing ideal here. True, many consider it almost an ideal means of replacing a regular cigarette with an electronic cigarette. This topic is very interesting already because it is controversial. Yes, some say that the damage to an electronic cigarette is great, while others say it is absolutely harmless. Let's look at both of these opinions.

Electronic cigarettes: benefit and harm

Why do I need an electronic cigarette?Then, so that people can not smoke tobacco and feel very comfortable. Before talking about whether there is harm from electronic cigarettes, it is worthwhile to understand what it is.

An electronic cigarette is nothing more than aa microelectronic device that runs on a battery. It is used to imitate the act of smoking. Taste sensations with this "smoking" are almost the same as in the usual, but no products of combustion in the body in its process does not arrive. In this device there is a liquid with flavoring, propylene glycol, and also with a small amount of nicotine. This liquid begins to evaporate when heated. Medical devices for inhalation work approximately on the same principle.

Electronic cigarettes were patented in 2003year. Initially, they were advertised as a miracle cure that helps to stop smoking quickly and reliably, but the World Health Organization did not approve of them, saying that they practically did not help anyone to get rid of their bad habits, and their influence on the body was very poorly studied. In fact, the damage to an electronic cigarette, just as well as the benefit, has not been proven by anyone else.

Yet to the advantage they can be attributed to the fact that manone way or another begins to gradually give up tobacco, in which and besides nicotine contains a lot of harmful elements. Smoking of electronic cigarettes is not currently considered an antisocial phenomenon, since no one will be harmed even by the fact that a person will light them in some public place. Smokers do not smell of them from the mouth, from the hands and from the clothes. They do not leave ash and can not cause a fire. Yes, the harm of the electronic cigarette is real, there is a benefit from them. I am glad that they do not affect the body so much as ordinary cigarettes, and the fact that they would have allowed someone to break with tobacco, says a lot.

Harm to an electronic cigarette?Of course, it exists. First of all, I want to say that they do not allow a person to completely stop smoking. Those who want to quit this harmful occupation because of electronic cigarettes can all their lives to rush between them and cigarettes with tobacco, instead of actually taking and stopping smoking. Let them not so badly harm the body as ordinary cigarettes, but still harm. There is reason to believe that very soon scientists will tell about all the harm they can cause us.

Also worth mentioning are the electroniccigarettes (and their components) are quite expensive. This means that the person who decided to switch to them should constantly spread a lot of money only in order not to smoke ordinary cigarettes.

Decide whether to use them yourself or not. But still it is worth noting that once and for all you can quit smoking only to those who really want it.

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