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Vitamins for children from 3 years: reviews

Children of modern society are significantly differentfrom the previous generation. From an early age, parents load a child with a large amount of diverse information. Overload, nervous and psychological overexertion, food "on the go" does not contribute to the health of the baby. In addition, imported, reusable products contain very few substances useful for the full growth and development of the child. Therefore, there is a need to receive beneficial microelements from outside. What vitamins for children from 3 years to choose? We'll help you figure it out.

Vitamins for children from 3 years; doctor Komarovsky

Why do vitamins need children from 3 years?

Why at the age of 3 years there isneed to take extra vitamins? Everything is very simple! It is during this period that most children begin active introduction into the society: they visit various places of a large crowd of people, including children's pre-school institutions and circles, sites, actively move and learn the world. If before the baby was protected by mother's breast milk or ate extremely useful and healthy food, calculated for the child's body, then at the age of 3 many parents transfer their children for a "common table", on which it is not always possible to find the substances necessary for the child's health. So it turns out that in the period of active development the baby receives less than the necessary vitamins. This leads to frequent diseases, a weakened immunity, a decline in strength. Then the question arises about the intake of synthetic vitamin complexes. According to consumers, it can be judged that industrial multivitamins help to strengthen the immune system of the child, improve memory, promote intellectual development.

Vitamins for a child of 3 years

What vitamins are needed for children?

What vitamins are needed?The child is 3 years old, he needs all groups of vitamins in dosage according to age. These are groups of substances such as A, D, C, B, E. Vitamins P, H, F, minerals: iodine, iron, calcium, zinc and others are also needed.

VitaminWhat is it needed forWhich products contain
AIt has antioxidant properties, helps in the fight against infectious diseases, promotes normalization of vision, hair growth, skin health.Carrots, apricots, tomatoes, liver, meat.
DIt helps to assimilate calcium, promotes the prevention of rickets.Egg yolk, fish oil. It is synthesized under the action of ultraviolet.
FROMStrengthens the immune system, promotes wound healing.Bulgarian pepper, dog rose, parsley, sorrel, citrus.
Vitamins of group BThey contribute to the assimilation of other vitamins, take part in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic processes.Liver, bran, cereals, yeast.
EParticipates in oxygen exchange, blood circulation.Wheat, oil, nuts.

Types of industrial vitamins for children

Vitamins for children from 3 years are produced in such combinations:

  1. Monovitamins are preparations containing in their composition only 1 vitamin, most often A, E, D and C.
  2. Multivitamins include a complex of useful substances.
  3. Vitamin-mineral complexes, in addition to vitamins directly, also contain useful microelements.

Vitamins for children from 3 years

Forms of children's vitamins

Children's vitamins are produced in the form of:

  • tablets;
  • syrup;
  • pastilles;
  • lozenges;
  • gel;
  • soluble in water powders;
  • dragees;
  • jelly figurines.

Judging by the reviews of mothers of babies who takevitamins, most of all children like jelly figurines. They have an attractive shape, bright colors, fruity taste. In addition, the possibility of overdose is excluded. You just need to give the baby jelly and you can safely be sure that the child has received the necessary daily dose of vitamins and trace elements. But what children like is not always useful. Unfortunately, tempting color and taste are acquired with the help of synthetic flavors and dyes, which will not benefit the children's body and often cause allergic reactions.

What vitamins: a child 3 years old?

When should I take vitamins for children?

Overabundance of vitamins in the body is not less thanis more dangerous than their shortcoming. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor about taking vitamins for children from 3 years of age. Dr. Komarovsky believes that to give babies such supplements is necessary only for the purpose and necessity, having passed before that a number of tests for the definition of vitamin deficiency. The lack of vitamins can be determined by some symptoms:

  • susceptibility to frequent catarrhal diseases and a long cure period;
  • weakness, apathy, fatigue;
  • decreased child activity;
  • capriciousness and tearfulness;
  • dry skin;
  • long-term healing of abrasions and bruises.

How to take vitamins for children?

In summer, artificial vitamins fora child of 3 years is better to postpone. But in the winter they will be of little use. To take a course of vitamin complex intake is necessary in the autumn so that during the beginning of epidemics of virus diseases the body has already been prepared, protected. Give the child a course of 2 weeks, then take a break for 3 months. Overabundance of fat-soluble vitamins can cause toxic effects on the body - the child will be poisoned.

Vitamins for children from 3 years: reviews

Vitamins for children: consumer reviews

How to choose vitamins for children from 3 years? Comments of consumers allow to make the following rating of the most popular preparations:

  1. "Alphabet.Kindergarten »- a vitamin-mineral complex, designed for children from 3 to 7 years. It consists of 13 vitamins and 9 minerals, including calcium and iron. Every day you need to drink 3 tablets, divided into 3 divided doses. Each of them is of a certain color and as part of an individual complex of substances.
  2. "Multi-tabs.Baby "produce in the form of jelly sweets. The composition includes vitamins and minerals, necessary for the full development of the baby up to 4 years. Only one figure a day will provide the child's body with useful substances in a daily rate.
  3. Vitamins for children from 3 years of "Vitrum Kids".Reviews of moms about this drug are ambiguous. On the one hand, funny sweet colorful animal figures can not leave a child indifferent to such a delicious medicine. Convenient packaging - giving the baby 1 figure a day, you can not worry about the wrong dosage. The child will receive only the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. This complex includes calcium. Designed for children 4-7 years. But on the other hand, the composition has various aromatic additives, dyes, preservatives. Therefore, reviews about this drug are controversial.
  4. "Kinder biovital.Vedryojki "contains 6 water-soluble and 3 fat-soluble vitamins. It has the form of multicolored jelly bears. The complex is intended for children from 3 to 13 years. You need to take 2-3 pills a day, depending on the age of the child. The instructions to the drug indicate that you can take a course of 30 days, repeating 3 times a year. Children like these vitamins, but not all moms are confident in their usefulness, again, because of unpleasant supplements.
  5. Vitamins for the child 3 years "Pikovit Prebiotic"are a syrup. A distinctive feature of this multivitamin complex is the presence of oligofructose in the composition, which is considered a prebiotic substance. Forms a favorable environment for the development of bifidobacteria, helps better absorb calcium. In addition, unlike other vitamin preparations does not contribute to the development of caries, but, on the contrary, suppresses its formation. "Pikovit Prebiotic" includes 10 vitamins, folic and panthenolic acids. Take a teaspoon daily. Reviews say that the drug copes well with the lack of vitamins in the body. Has a citrus flavor that children like. The disadvantage of mother crumb is considered uncomfortable packaging: in the form of syrup. Children do not always agree to drink such a medicine and difficulties arise in calculating the dosage.
    Vitamins for children from 3 years

Baby vitamins with calcium

Daily intake of calcium for children fromyear to 10 years is 800 mg. In products, the substance is found in milk, beans, nuts. But the diet with calcium-containing products is not always sufficient. Symptoms such as numbness and cramps of the fingers, limbs, roughness of the skin, bleeding gums, indicate a lack of vitamin in the body. In this case, the doctor can prescribe vitamins with calcium for children from 3 years, for example:

  • "Kinder Biovital Gel."
  • "Pikovit."
  • "Jungle".
  • "Vitrum baby".
  • "Multi-tablets Calcium +".

Moms talk about a noticeable improvement in the teethin children during the intake of vitamins with calcium. But such complexes should be taken only with the appointment of a doctor and the presence of indications, since calcium has the property of being deposited in the body and leading to an overdose.

Vitamins with calcium for children from 3 years

Self-medicationThe baby can cause unforeseen reactions and complications. Therefore. before giving vitamins for a child of 3 years, consult a pediatrician, and if necessary with an allergist.

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