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"Philip Morris" - cigarettes that smoke on all continents

The higher the standard of living of the population, the saferthe citizen feels in his country, the lower the level of consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Unfortunately, the tobacco and alcohol industry in Russia can not become unprofitable. One of the most famous names in the world industry is the company "Philip Morris", cigarettes of this company are used on all continents of the Earth. Many consider Philip Morris a corporation that built its wealth on the health and lives of smokers.

A bit of history

The largest tobacco corporation has grown fromThe only store opened in 1847 in London was at that time not known by the businessman Philip Morris. For half a century it was exclusively a family business that was led by the founder himself, and later by his wife and relatives. However, already at the end of XANDX century production was overbought successfulbusinessman Thomson, began to increase turnover, and cigarettes supplied, including the King of England. At the same time, the company was registered as a corporation in New York, since then it has become partly American.

Filip Morris Cigarette

And already in 1919, a little-known company"Philip Morris," whose cigarettes were highly valued in the market, were completely bought up by the Americans. Open production in the US gave a new impetus to the development of the tobacco market, and the released Marlboro brand completely turned the life of Americans and became part of their culture.

Since then, the company has started activespread all over the world. At the same time, its goal was not only the export of goods, but also the organization of production in the field. To date, such factories exist in Japan, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Greece, Indonesia, China, Colombia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Australia, Pakistan and Colombia. At the same time, there is a tendency not to open a new production, but to purchase existing tobacco plants under the name "Philip Morris". Cigarettes from this do not change the taste and remain identical produced in America.

Philip Morris in Russia

"Philip Morris" appeared in the Soviet Union in 1970. The beginning was the organization of the first joint production with the US and as a result a brand of cigarettes "Soyuz-Apollo" appeared.

And since 1977, cigarettes Marlboro began to arrive from the conveyors of various Soviet tobacco factories of the country.

Significant was 1991, when in response toan application of the country of the Soviets for the supply, the company delivered cigarettes in bulk. "Philip Morris" delivered 20 billion cigarettes at once - this is the largest tobacco party in world practice at that time.

To date, in Russia, the company "PhilipMorris is represented by two large-scale production facilities in the Leningrad Region and the Krasnodar Territory, as well as the Philip Morris Sales and Marketing organization, which is responsible for marketing, advertising and promotion, employing about 4000 people in the Russian Federation. about 100 billion cigarettes.

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Products "Philip Morris", cigarettes and technological novelties

For years of non-stop work by the companydeveloped their own brands of cigarettes, and also purchased some local brands in Italy, Indonesia or Mexico. In Russia, these are the famous "Soyuz-Apollo" and "Optima."

International recognition of smokers around the world received the Marlboro, L & M, Chesterfield, Parliament, and Virginia.

In the price segment, the medium is the cigarettes "Philip Morris Blue", "Next", "Muratti".

In total in the full list of order of 20 released names.

It is interesting that one of the novelties of the company wasreleased in 2014 electronic cigarette iQOS. Marketers of the company have relied on fashion trends and promote the product as a device that carries a reduced risk of risks from smoking.

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Modern tendencies

In recent years, the world is activelypropagation of the rejection of nicotine. In Russia, a law on the prohibition of smoking in public places has been adopted, any advertising is excluded where there are cigarettes or smoking people. It would seem that these trends should undermine the company's turnover, but Philip Morris did not feel the obvious decline.

According to statistics for 2015, Russia is on the fourth place in terms of cigarette consumption per person. Only Georgia, Belarus and Macedonia have overtaken it, leaving all Asia and Africa far behind.

To retain leadership positions, the companyrepresents different categories of goods in order to reach the maximum audience. The premium class includes "Parliament" or "Marlborough", the average price category is the cigarettes "Philip Morris Compact Blue" or "Next", the economy variant is "Optima" or "Soyuz-Apollo". For the segment that gives preference to technological novelties, a version with electric heating of tobacco is produced.

cigarettes filip morris compact blue

Company "Philip Morris International" and to this dayis a world leader in the production and marketing of tobacco and tobacco products. Leadership is primarily interested in increasing sales, which in the conditions of the promotion of non-smoking will make it somewhat more difficult. Now the company has to bet on new developments and actively popularize their inventions.

In addition to the production of tobacco, the company has won worldwide fame as the oldest sponsor of the Formula One race.

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