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"Uriklar" preparation: instructions for use, indications

What is Uriklar? Instructions for use, price, analogs and therapeutic characteristics of this medication are provided below.

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Composition, the produced form

In what form is the drug "Uriklar" manufactured?Instructions for use asserts that this agent can only be taken in the form of 430 mg capsules. Their active ingredients are the following components: E331, chamomile extract, E551, parsley root extract, E331, birch leaf extract, E460, cowberry leaf extract, magnesium stearate and bean curd powder. Also, the composition of this medicine includes flavonoids and apigenin.

Component Features

What is the effectiveness of the drugmeans "Uriklar"? Instruction for use reports that the action of this medication is directly related to its natural composition. Consider the properties of the main ingredients in more detail.

  • The leaves of the flat-birch have a ratherrich composition. They contain alcohol-containing components and essential oils, as well as vitamin C, vegetable glycosides of flavonols, carotene and tannins.
  • The root of curly parsley isA natural diuretic that contributes to the elimination of toxins and the purification of the body. This component contains apigenin (that is, flavonoid). It also exhibits pronounced antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Leaves of common cowberry are an antioxidant and a natural antiseptic that contains tannins, flavonoids and tannins. Also this element has diuretic properties.
  • Drug Chamomile is the sourceflavonoids. Its use increases the secretion of the glands of digestive, and also reduces the processes of fermentation in the intestines, protects the digestive system and has antiseptic properties.
  • The pericarp of the common bean is also a source of flavonols. It exhibits diuretic properties, promotes lowering of blood sugar and blood pressure.

uriclar user manual

General therapeutic characteristics

What is the drug "Uriklar"?Instructions for use, the reviews say that it is a combined product with herbal ingredients that not only support the work of the urinary system, but also prevent the processes of stone formation in the urinary tract and kidneys in particular.

Flavonoids of dry extracts of herbs contained inthis agent, take part in general exchange processes, and also contribute to a decrease in the concentration in the urine of substances that cause the formation of stones (for example, oxalic acid, hydroxyproline, calcium). In addition, the active substances of this drug reduce the tone of smooth muscles when passing stones on the urinary tract and eliminate pain. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


What is the drug "Uriklar" for?Instruction for use informs that this medicine is used to improve the functional state of the entire human urinary system. Before using it, be sure to visit a doctor.

Prohibitions of herbal remedies

What contraindications does the drug "Uriklar" have?Instruction for use asserts that this drug can not be used in the personal intolerance of its elements. Also, this remedy should not be prescribed when the patient has a personal intolerance to plants of the family Compositae.

It is necessary to observe special care in the development of edema, which are caused by renal and heart failure.

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Mode of application

The source of flavonoidstake only inside. For adults it is prescribed 1 capsule three times a day during a meal. The duration of this medication is exactly one month.

Adverse Events

Now you know what "Uriklar" is. Instructions for use, reviews, the price of this supplement are also presented in this article.

Experts argue that thethe drug almost never causes side effects. However, with personal intolerance of its elements, patients can still develop an allergy. In this case, it is better to refuse capsules.

Reviews, analogues, cost

The price of the capsules in question is approximately400 rubles (for 30 pcs.). As for the analogues of this medication, the following means are referred to them: Vitahepar, Blamaren, Zilorik, Tsital, Phytolite, Urodan and others.

uriklar instructions for use price analogues

According to consumers' reviews, "Uriklar"is a highly effective remedy. It treats urological diseases well and improves the functional state of the human urinary system. However, it should be noted that many patients complain of the high cost of this medication.

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