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Treatment depriving the cat. Dangerous skin disease

The most common skin disease in the homecats - ringworm. It runs in these animals hard and often recurs. Treatment depriving the cat should be done with the greatest possible care. Because this disease is very contagious. If treatment depriving the cat was not timely, then this disease can catch up with other pets, as well as the owner. Than to treat and how to recognize this illness at your pet?

treatment depriving a cat

Lishay in cats: treatment, photos and forms of the disease

This infectious damage to the skin and hair,caused by fungi. Treatment depriving the cat is carried out taking into account the fact that this name is defeated by two types of microorganisms - microsporia and trichophytosis. The incubation period of both types of the disease is from one to three months. After its completion, the cat begins to become covered with small rounded bald patches. They gradually increase and if the animal is not treated, they can occupy a large surface of the body - the cat will appear almost bald. The first bald patches usually appear on the muzzle, paws, ears, tail. The affected areas are covered with scales.

Cats in cats treatment photo
The disease occurs in three forms - superficial,deep and atypical. Weakened animals are the second form. But the atypical lichen is easily confused with the usual abrasions and abrasions. Especially when your pet is no longer young. To avoid difficulties and for treatment of depriving the cat without complications, consult a veterinarian. An animal is infected by contact with other patients, as well as from contact with particles of dirt that remain on people's shoes. Diagnosis of lichen is a veterinarian's business. He will assign laboratory tests. And also use an ultraviolet lamp for visual diagnostics. Previously, this infection in animals was not treated and the diseased cats were put to sleep. Today there is a cure for cats and not one. It is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations, give the animal antibiotics prescribed to them and treat the bald spots with antifungal compounds. The veterinarian will acquaint you with the technique of applying antiseptic drugs. Modern vaccines are very effective. You will often have to carry the animal to the clinic, but the basic procedures you will do at home.
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We treat a cat

First of all, you need to cut the wool aroundaffected areas. They are covered with crusts, which need to soften. This is done with a solution of mild soap. Spots smear with iodine or other antiseptic. One of the most effective means is sulfuric ointment. Shaved hair must be burned. The room and your clothes - regularly disinfect. The sick animal must be isolated, it must not be allowed to contact other cats. Also, do not let on the bed and on the couch. Rinse with chlorhexidine all the things that the sick animal has had contact with. Such vaccines as "Vakderm", "Microderm" are used as active therapy. Also prescribe drugs "Clotrimazole" and "Bioparox". Treat the cat until the test is negative. To prevent deprivation it is better to do preventive vaccinations.

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