/ How to cause diarrhea?

How to cause diarrhea?

Diarrhea (the reasons that caused it, can havedifferent origin) occurs when accelerated movement of food and fluid through the large intestine. The appearance of a loose stool can cause the consumption of sugar and fructose, as well as certain types of medications. Various parasites and pathogens caught in the digestive system during meals can also provoke the appearance of diarrhea. Sometimes, loose stools arise because of individual lactose intolerance contained in dairy products.

Often there are situations when it is necessary to carry out the procedure for cleansing the body. For this purpose, it is recommended to induce diarrhea. It is he who is able to purify certain organs.

If a situation arises that requires a liquid stool intherapeutic purposes, the first thing you need to decide how to cause diarrhea. Many health problems arise from the slagging of the intestines. In terms of its functional characteristics, it is this body that accumulates the remains of food. By hammering the villi in the intestine, slags prevent the intake of useful substances into the body, without which the normal functioning of all systems of the human body becomes impossible. The remains of food are subject to fermenting and putrefactive processes, which contributes to the formation of toxins, which, when ingested, cause a decrease in working capacity, headache and weakness.

To maintain health, it is necessary to conductperiodic cleaning of the body by dilution of the stool. This procedure is performed with the use of laxatives. These include substances that promote the movement of feces and accelerate the process of defecation. At the same time, these funds do not have a negative impact on the condition of other organs and help us in deciding how to cause diarrhea. The use of laxative substances is recommended before the implementation of surgical operations, as well as after the course of treatment with antihelminthic drugs.

It is not recommended to receive funds that candilute the stool, with ulcer pathologies and bleeding internal organs. With special care, their use is prescribed to pregnant women. Laxatives are divided into groups with organic (vegetable) and inorganic origin.

How to cause diarrhea with drugs, should recommend a specialist. The pharmacological industry produces four types of laxatives. These include:

- softening agents (vaseline, almond oil, suppositories with glycerin);

- drugs that stimulate bowel function (Bisacodyl, Stadalax);

- probiotics (lacto- and bifidobacteria);

- preparations of osmotic action ("Forlax", "Prelax").

To answer the question, how to cause diarrhea, will helpus and folk medicine. The most common method is an enema. It can be made with the use of vinegar from apples, lemon juice and broths of various herbs. Also, the introduction of warm water, previously subjected to boiling, is effective. Of the many existing methods that are used to induce diarrhea, it is possible to isolate the use of a saline solution. To determine the required volume of salt per unit of water, a preliminary consultation of a specialist is necessary.

Diarrhea after eating can occur in the case ofThe consumption of prunes or powder from ground dry peas. A wonderful laxative is also a salad of grated carrots, beets and celery with the addition of white cabbage, chopped into small pieces. The combination of these vegetables can effectively cleanse the intestines. Remarkable tool will serve as a laxative collection of herbs, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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