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Soap making recipes at home

Currently, it is unlikely to be difficult to buyabsolutely everything that I want, if only I had the means to do it. This applies equally to soap. Soap is presented in a huge amount: different forms, different smells, different consistencies and different manufacturers. It is sold in any stores and is designed for any purse. You just need to choose.

But recently there has been a trend of rejectionfrom soap, cooked in industrial conditions in favor of cooked by hand. This is due to the return of fashion to handmade products, as well as the fact that consumers are not absolutely sure about the quality of soap, what is included in its composition, where and how it was produced and how it will affect the skin. That is why more women and girls are looking for recipes for soap making at home, because then they are sure of the quality of the ingredients and that the soap is absolutely safe.

In addition, a cooked and even signed soapown production will be an excellent gift for any occasion and even without it. Beautifully wrapped, thinning delicate fragrance, it will please a person of any age, because hardly anyone will remain indifferent when he presents a copyright soap made specifically for him. Soap making at home from a favorite and interesting hobby can grow into a source of income: soap can be cooked and sold, on request. Recipes soap making in the home can be easily found on the Internet, or compose yourself, based on how these or other essential oils or herbs affect different human organs.

Soap can be cooked in three main ways. The first way is to boil soap from a special base, into which then added herbs, aromatic oils, special dyes.

The second way is the most elementary.Take a child's soap, rub on the grater or melenko cut with a sharp knife. Baby soap is better to take, because it does not contain different additives and dyes. It is also better to take it without adding a string, chamomile or aloe. After the soap is rubbed, it must be melted. You can use the microwave oven, but you will need to check the temperature every 30 seconds with a special thermometer, and this temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. This is somewhat problematic, so it is better to resort to the old, but correct method and melt it in a water bath. To do this, take a saucepan, fill it with water and put in it a smaller container, with grated soap. All this put on fire and wait until the soap is completely melted and will not have pieces.

So, the soap is melted.After reading the recipes for soap making at home and choosing the most suitable, you can proceed to its implementation. Add aromatic and essential oils, certain herbs, natural ingredients such as: coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, peanuts, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it, especially with essential oils, since both an allergy and a burn can occur. Usually recipes for soap making at home contain recommendations on how much you need one or another component. Then choose the dye: you can special, you can food.

We pour out a lot of molds, which can bein the form of hearts, flowers, insects, sea shells and so on. Also, the forms can be with the inscriptions, it is important to choose the appropriate option in advance. If you do not have time to purchase a special mold, you can use boxes from children's curds, snacks, sand slices (pre-washed and doused with boiling water). After all the done, we send the soap to freeze in the refrigerator. After the soap is cold, you should dry it a couple of days and everything - you can use!

The third method is the most difficult, it requires special alkalis, oils and fats. This option is suitable for those who have already mastered simple methods and recipes for home soap making.

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