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The drug "Zakofalk": instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Well, now we have to find out what is"Zakofalk". The instruction on the use of this drug, frankly, does not give any specifics. And so sometimes it is extremely difficult to understand what a particular drug is. To study "Zakofalk" will be needed from all sides - and how to use it, and what it is, and what indications / contraindications it has. After all, sometimes even the most unknown tablets are able to simply help the body cope with some disease without much harm to health. So, it is worth paying attention to it.

zakafalk instructions for use


With what the drug "Zakofalk" instruction onapplication begins? Of course, with the description of the medicine. It represents white, opaque tablets of small size. And it is described as a biological additive.

Serves "Zakofalk" for replenishment in the bodydeficiency of some useful nutrients and vitamins. So it is not yet clear whether everyone should take these pills or not. In what cases is it worth paying attention to the drug? And in which it is better not to use it?

Who is shown the application

"Zakofalk", instructions for use, price andreviews about which will be presented to our attention, of course, like any medicine, has a number of indications. But since this is a biological additive, then there is no need to rely on any particular specifics.

The instructions say that this drug isan additional source of inulin, as well as of butyric acid. If these components are in short supply, our current product should be taken. In addition, if you believe the manufacturer, it is also an additional "medicine", which serves to normalize the work of the intestines.

zakafalk instructions for use price

Important: this is not a laxative.And no such effect after use, you will not. Only the microflora of the colon is normalized. This means that food will be better absorbed, and problems with the stomach will not arise. Constipation will pass, but diarrhea will not start. As you can see, sometimes "Zakofalk", instructions for use, price, reviews and analogues of which are of interest to us today, can prove to be quite useful drug.


It is not superfluous to find out the composition of the means.In our case, as it is not difficult to guess, the main components are inulin and butyric acid (calcium butyrate). One tablet of the first substance contains 250 milligrams, and the second - about 307.5. This is enough to fill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals without harm to health.

Do not forget about the additional components.In our case, this is citric acid (E 330), microcrystalline cellulose, sorbitol, lecithin, titanium dioxide and silicon (E 551), magnesium stearate E 470, maldextrin, and corn starch (modified).

From all this we can conclude that nohazardous components in the composition is not available. Hence, the biological additive, at least, is safe for oral administration. Despite this, it has a number of contraindications. Nevertheless, Zakofalk, instructions for use, price, analogs and feedback about which will be presented to the attention, is not so dangerous. After all, we are dealing with the most common biological supplement.

zakafalk instructions for use price reviews


It is worth noting that "Zakofalk", instructions forapplication, price, reviews and analogues of which are presented to our attention, has a number of cases when it is worth refraining from receiving the funds. But what are the options for the development of events?

For example, you can not use biologicaladditive during lactation and pregnancy. There is no evidence of complete safety of the drug "Zakofalk" for the fetus and the health of the future mother. Therefore, it is better to refrain from medication. In case of a huge deficit of inulin and butyric acid, consult your doctor. He can prescribe to you or a small dose of the drug "Zakofalk", or even pick up an analog.

It is also forbidden to use our today'sbiological additive in childhood. Up to 12 years inclusive. Individual intolerance of components that make up the body, hypersensitivity, propensity to allergic reactions - all this also imposes a "taboo" on "Zakofalk." But on this all contraindications can be ended. There are no more of them. Nevertheless, in order to know exactly whether you can drink a biological supplement, it is better to consult a doctor.

Rules of admission

"Zakofalk", instructions for use, reviews andanalogues of which are of interest to us today, has some rules for accepting funds. However, some buyers say that there is no specificity in this case. The instruction says that it is necessary to drink 3-4 tablets a day for an adult. The course of treatment is 1 month. In this case, sometimes you can reduce the dosage to 1-2 tablets.

zakofalk instructions for use feedback

Practice shows that the biological supplementit is better to drink directly during meals. Not chewing. And it is desirable to wash down the "capsule" with plenty of water. So, before breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a snack, you have to drink a biological supplement. To establish the exact dosage of the drug, you should consult a doctor. Only he can give you some specifics.

Consumer Opinions

What do customers think about efficiencyfacilities? Should I use it? "Zakofalk", instructions for use, analogs and description of which are presented to our attention, frankly, earns ambiguous opinions. And for that there are reasons.

For example, many do not like the cost of the drug.One package for 30 tablets will cost about 900 - 1,000 rubles. So it's quite expensive. Especially if you take into account that you are not guaranteed any effect. The biological additive, as indicated in the instructions, does not have any medicinal properties.

In addition, some consumers point tothat there will be no visible result after taking the drug. "Zakofalk", instructions for use, reviews and analogues of which we are interested today, is simply a complex of vitamins and minerals. This is worth considering. After all, in this case, no one gives you guarantees that the drug will really help the body.

But in general, if you use "Zakofalk" onlyto fill the deficiency of butyric acid, and also inulin, then you can rely on this remedy. Judging by the analysis, with this task, the biological supplement copes magnificently.

zakafalk instructions for the use of analogues


Now we know what "Zakofalk" is.The instruction for use is no longer a mystery. But the only question is a bit different - how can you replace the biological supplement? You can choose many analogues. But most often doctors advise:

  • Inulin;
  • "Normspectrum";
  • "Artromax";
  • "Frezubin";
  • "Supports".

Generally, you should not appoint yourselfno biological additives or medicines. To correctly choose a substitute for the drug "Zakofalk", the instruction on which application was presented to our attention, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Maybe in your case you can do without medication at all.

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