/ / "Allopurinol": analogues, action, contraindications

"Allopurinol": analogs, action, contraindications

Ряд патологий характеризуется повышенным formation of urate and their deposition in tissues. "Allopurinol" is a drug that reduces their number. When should I apply the medicine and how can I replace it?


Препарат способствует снижению активности xanthine oxidase, that is, inhibits it. As a result, urate formation is reduced, since the enzyme is necessary for converting hypoxanthine to xanthine and further transforming it into uric acid. That is why the salts of this substance are not produced in excess and are not deposited in tissues. Thus, "Allopurinol" acts. The analogs listed below have the same mechanism.

Allopurinol analogs are synonyms

When is the drug used?

"Allopurinol" is necessary for diseases that areare associated with impaired metabolism. This group primarily includes the pathology of the urinary system, accompanied by hyperuricemia, but among the indications there are other diseases. For example, excessive formation of urate is observed with increased decay of nucleotides, which often has a medicinal origin. The drug is prescribed for the following pathological conditions:

  • urolithiasis accompanied by urate formation;
  • gout;
  • therapy of tumor states;
  • long-term treatment with corticosteroids;
  • traumatic toxicosis;
  • pathology of purine metabolism;
  • psoriasis;
  • Lesch-Nyhen's syndrome.

With these diseases, doctors prescribe "Allopurinol", analogues. The price of drugs varies.

allopurinol instruction on the use of analogs

Can everyone apply the medicine?

The drug has a serious effect on the exchangeprocesses, therefore is not without contraindications. Do not take it in the presence of hypersensitivity, which will lead to the emergence of allergic conditions. Also, the drug is contraindicated in renal failure, which is in the azotemia stage; pregnancy and lactation, idiopathic hemochromatosis, acute manifestations of gout (before an admission it is necessary to stop an attack).

At the age of 14 years, the drug is prescribed onlyif there are significant indications, while taking the medicine should be strictly controlled by a doctor. In addition, it should be taken with caution if there is heart failure, hypertension or diabetes mellitus. This list is typical for the drug Allopurinol. Analogues also have contraindications. About the synonyms of the drug, we'll talk about later.

Allopurinol: instructions for use

Analogs will be discussed below, but for now let's talkon how to take "Allopurinol". The use of the drug is allowed only under the supervision of a specialist, since a careful individual selection of the dosage is required. During the period of treatment, it is necessary to monitor the level of uric acid in the serum. The amount of active ingredient depends on the degree of the disease. With a mild course, as a rule, prescribe 100-200 mg per day, and with an average dose increase twice. Severe pathologies usually require 700-900 mg per day. For children, the dosage is selected based on body weight. The effect of the drug is noted 24-48 hours after administration. The price is 120 rubles for 30 tablets.

allopurinol analogues

Combination with other substances

Еще одним фактором, который не допускает self-medication, is the presence of pathological reactions when combined with certain drugs. "Allopurinol" can not be taken simultaneously with "Azathioprine", "Methotrexate", "Theophylline", mercaptopurine, since the toxicity of the latter increases. Also, the drug is able to enhance the anticoagulant ability of indirect anticoagulants and the hypoglycemic effect of "Chlorpropamide." Combination with "Amoxicillin" and "Ampicillin" can provoke skin rash. Before appointment, find out what preparations the patient is taking, and only then proceed to treatment.

"Allopurinol": analogues, synonyms

The preparation has the following analogues:"Allopurinol-Aegis", "Sanfipourol", "Purinol", "Allpol". The action of the drugs is similar, but they have some differences. It is not always possible to buy "Allopurinol". Analogues, the price of which can be lower, solve the problem.


The drug can be used in pregnant women, butOnly if there are strict indications for treatment. In this case, the dosage should be selected more carefully. If it is necessary to prescribe the drug during lactation, it is necessary to stop feeding and temporarily switch to artificial feeding. Therapy begins with the appointment of a reduced dose - 100 mg. After 1-3 weeks it is increased to 300 mg. For children, the dosage is calculated based on body weight.


The medicine, unlike the hero of the article, is practicallywithout restrictions can be applied in childhood. It is prescribed inside, the dosage is selected taking into account individual characteristics. Typically, 200-400 mg per day is required, but the dose can be increased if necessary. Children should use a smaller amount of the drug, and the daily portion is divided into three doses. The cost is 100-110 rubles.

allopurinol analogues price

Повышенный уровень мочевой кислоты в крови чреват deposition in urate tissues, mainly affect the kidneys. Prevent such consequences is helped by the intake of hypo-uricemic drugs, to which "Allopurinol" refers (analogues can also be used).

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