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Candles "Kyzyl May": instructions for use

Increasingly in pharmacy kiosks can be foundpreparations of vegetable origin. They differ in their efficiency and safety. However, use them after consultation with your doctor. This article will introduce you candles "Kyzyl May". Instructions for use will be described later.

Structure of the preparation

Candles "Kyzyl May" can have a different composition.There is a drug, the basis of which is sea buckthorn or propolis. In addition to the main component, the preparation also has other components. This oil is polyphyte "Kyzyl May", cocoa butter, wax, paraffin.

Physicians say that the medicine can havesome blotches. This is permissible. Candles "Kyzyl May" with propolis have a bright smell of the active ingredient. Keep them only in the refrigerator.

how to use candles Kyzyl May with propolis and sea-buckthorn

Indications for use and limitations

Candles "Kyzyl May" provideAnti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxing and regenerating effect. The drug is used in gynecology, urology and proctology. The main indications for its application will be the following situations:

  • diseases of the female sexual sphere (adnexitis, metritis, salpingitis, adhesive process);
  • pathology of the cervix (erosion, polyp, hyperplasia);
  • hemorrhoids of different localization (internal and external);
  • anal fissures, inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • prostatitis in men, cystitis in women.

The producer says that the candles "KyzylMay "practically do not have any restrictions. They can be used even during pregnancy and lactation. However, it is necessary to appear before a specialist. Also, the medicine does not cause a negative reaction, except for allergies to incoming components. Practice of use in children has not been studied. In this regard, the medicine should not be prescribed to children under 15 years of age.

candles Kyzyl May with propolis

Method of use

Candles "Kyzyl May" are appointed by vaginalor rectal administration. Two injections are given per day - morning and evening. One suppository is used. The duration of application is up to two weeks. More detailed recommendations are given by the specialist in each individual case.

Before the introduction of the medicine into the rectumit is necessary to produce an act of defecation. If you can not do it yourself (which is often the case with hemorrhoids and cracks), then use laxative medicines. Vaginal use of the drug is often prescribed for women with pelvic disease.

candles gizil May instruction

Opinion about the preparation

Candles "Kyzyl May", according to consumers, very muchgood and safe drug. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients. This allows for treatment even in the most sensitive patients. Often, the described medication is prescribed simultaneously with other medications. In this case, it is well combined with almost all medicines.

The drug "Kyzyl May" is sold in many pharmaciesnetworks. To purchase it, you do not need a prescription from a doctor. The medicine is freely available. However, this does not encourage you to start therapy yourself. Depending on your complaints, a specialist may prescribe a drug with sea buckthorn oil or propolis. Note that some people have allergies to honey. If you enter into their number, then candles with propolis are contraindicated to you.

Candles of Kyzyl May


You learned about an effective and natural product"Kyzyl May". Remember that it refers to medicines. Use the medication strictly according to the instructions or as prescribed by the doctor. Successes to you and health!

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