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The drug "Kudesan Forte"

Description of Pharmacodynamics of the Drug

kudesan forte
The drug "Kudesan Forte" is abiological additive to food, which has pronounced properties of the antioxidant. This drug is actively used to normalize a variety of metabolic processes and overall health of the body. Pharmacological action of the drug is aimed at protecting cells from the negative influence of free radicals and hindering the process of cholesterol deposition on the walls of blood vessels. Promoting other antioxidants by stimulating their activity also provides the antioxidant "Kudesan Forte". The price for this drug varies between five hundred to six hundred rubles.

Features of composition and form of release

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The antioxidant "Kudesan" is producedForte "in the form of drops and tablets, the first with a high content of such a substance as coenzyme Q10. For example, the usual drops of" Kudesan "includes only thirty milligrams of ubidecarenone, while the composition of drops" Kudesan Forte "- sixty milligrams .

Tablets as an active ingredient also contain coenzyme Q10. However, the capsules contain only thirty milligrams of this substance.

List of main indications

Take the drug "Kudesan Forte" instructionadvises as an additional source of vitamin E and ubiquinone during the treatment and prevention of diseases such as ischemic disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis and heart failure. To prevent the development of chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance, emotional lability and weakness, the use of this remedy is also indicated. To strengthen immunity, general improvement of the body, slowing down aging and normalizing a variety of metabolic processes, the drug "Kudesan Forte" should similarly be used.

kudesan forte tablets

These tablets can also be used forrestoration of the body's antioxidant status, reduced due to unfavorable environmental conditions. For children, the drug "Kudesan Forte" is very effective as a metabolic drug in cardiomyopathies, chronic tachyarrhythmias, extrasystole, weakness of the sinus node, prolonged QT interval and pronounced changes in the myocardium.

List of medical contraindications for use

Take pills and drops "Kudesan Forte" strictlyIt is not recommended if the patient has an individual intolerance to ubiquinone, as well as hypersensitivity to the substance. Children's age (up to three years) also acts as a contraindication to the appointment of this antioxidant.

Possible adverse reactions

The use of the drug "Kudesan Forte" asthe rule does not cause any undesirable side effects and is well tolerated by the majority of patients. In exceptional cases, this remedy may cause skin rashes, hives and itching.

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