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"Enap" or "Enalapril": which is better? Instructions for use "Enapa", price, reviews

In recent years, more and more people havehigh blood pressure. In order to reduce it, doctors prescribe pills. Their huge variety is sometimes just confusing. Among this large number of more often in pharmacies are asked "Enap" or "Enalapril".

And then everyone has a question: "What is the difference between these two drugs?" "Enap" or "Enalapril" - which is better?

What is the difference between Enap and Enalapril?

Enalapril is the active substance of the drug, and"Enap" is a trade name. This drug belongs to the group of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. Angiotensin is a hormone from a protein structure with different forms. The thing is that angiotensin causes vasospasms and in the shortest possible time can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system. Tablets "Enalapril" suppress the development of heart disease. Only prescribe medicine should the doctor, based on your indicators.

Enap or enalapril is better

Enalapril tablets are widely used. They are helping:

  • lower blood pressure.
  • reduce the incidence of angina attacks.
  • prevent the development of heart attack and cardiac arrhythmias.

Enap: application

Assign the drug "Enap" with the essential andRenovascular hypertension and heart failure. This medication also helps patients with severe clinical insufficiency and asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction. The medicine is shown in this case, since it can slow the progression of the disease.

Also, "Enap" indications for use is as follows: with ischemic disease, the drug perfectly reduces the incidence of stroke and heart attack, it helps well with angina pectoris.

How do drugs work?

At the time when "Enap" or "Enalapril" fallinto the body, the hydrolysis of the main component occurs, resulting in the formation of enalaprilate - an active metabolite. This component inhibits the activity of enzymes, and as a result, there is a violation of angiotensin transformation. These drugs help to expand blood vessels, significantly reduce the level of aldosterone in the blood.

Enalapril tablets

When the drug is administered orally, the blood pressure level decreases, but not dramatically, but gradually. Changes in heart rate are not observed.

Also, with admission, increased renal blood flow,and the kidney function is significantly improved. These medicines prevent the progression of diabetic nephropathy. If you take "Enalapril" systematically, it improves the quality of life in people with hypertension and reduces the number of deaths in heart failure.

It does not adversely affect thefat and carbohydrate metabolism, does not cause a breakdown in sexual function. The effect of the drug does not depend on the sex and age of a person, the concentration of renin in the blood and the presence of a bad habit - smoking.

How to apply the drug?

Now about how to use "Enap".Tablets are taken without chewing, regardless of food intake. With arterial hypertension, it starts with 5 mg per day, but depending on the condition and the doctor's prescription, the dose can be increased to 20 mg. And in the most difficult cases - and up to 40 mg.

With heart failure begin taking with 2.5 mg, but the dosage can be increased depending on the degree of the disease.

the drug enap

Those patients who took diuretics, especiallyif their dose was high, taking Enapa can reduce the volume of circulating blood, which can lead to hypertension. That's why such patients should not exceed a dose of 5 mg per day.

But to those who have chronic renal failureinsufficiency, the dose should be selected, relying on the level of creatinine. If it is 30 ml / min, it means that tablets "Enalapril" can be prescribed in an amount of 5 mg per day, and if the level is lower than this figure, then it should start with 2.5 mg.

Enap for children

Most parents are interested in whether it is possible for children to take Enap or Enalapril. What is better and what to choose from?

For each child it is necessary to select a dosedrug individually, depending on which disease and what its degree. Also it is necessary to take into account the level of arterial pressure and the tolerance of the medicine to the body. For children weighing between 20-50 kg, the daily dose is 2.5 mg. And if the weight is more than 50 kg, then you can start with 5 mg per day.

As to which of the two drugs to choose, there is no difference. If you decide to purchase "Enap", the price will be slightly higher. What medicine you should choose, the doctor will tell you.

Enalapril: contraindications

Choose among the two drugs - "Enap" or "Enalapril" - which is better, will not be difficult. The main thing is that before taking pills, it is necessary to get acquainted with contraindications.

Enalapril tablets

Contraindications for drugs is very small, but onthey should pay attention: this is the sensitivity to enalapril or its metabolite - enalaprilat. There were also cases when the patient had an angioedema and porphyria during admission.

Side effects of Enalapril

It is necessary to read not only about howtake and what contraindications to the use of the drug "Enalapril". He also has side effects, and there are many of them. About them you need to know that if they manifest lower dose or stop taking medication. When taking the drug may manifest such symptoms:

  • arterial blood pressure drops sharply;
  • nausea and headache;
  • angina pectoris;
  • dizziness;
  • heart attack and arrhythmia;
  • weakness and insomnia;
  • anxiety;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • noise in ears;
  • dry mouth, etc.

enalapril side effects

Before taking the drug "Enalapril", side effects should be studied in order to stop receiving it and not to aggravate your condition in such cases.

Admission during pregnancy

Women who are just about to become moms,it is better not to take the drug "Enap". And those who have become pregnant, you need to choose the right tactic for taking the remedy. In the II and III trimesters, the use of this drug is generally prohibited. After the woman gives birth and will feed the baby with a breast, medicine is also not prescribed. And if you still can not do without it, you need to regularly check the blood pressure level, check the blood potassium content and the kidney function of the baby, whose mother is breastfeeding, while taking the drug "Enap".

Form release of drugs

As we said in our article, one drugnothing is different from the other, they both have one active substance - enalapril. Therefore, to answer the question of interest to many: "Enap" or "Enalapril" - which is better? "- it will be easy. Both of these drugs are good, and the form of release they are also the same, with the dosage of problems should not be. Issue "Enap" and "Enalapril" in tablets containing between 2.5 and 20 mg of the active ingredient.

The difference between these two drugs is small, but still it is, and the most significant - in price.

Cost of medicine

The main thing that worries many patients isthe price of the drug, because it often happens that the treatment takes place in a complex, and this is quite expensive and not always affordable. As for the drugs "Enap" and "Enalapril", their cost is not too high and will appeal to consumers.

The price for "Enap" ranges from 100 to400 rubles, depending on the manufacturer and the amount of active ingredient. Domestic drugs are much cheaper than imported drugs, but there is no difference: the effect of both is simply excellent. But "Enalapril" costs several times cheaper - from 20 to 80 rubles. The cost of both these drugs is low, so almost all patients are satisfied.

Analogues of "Enalapril"

If suddenly there is no medicine in the pharmacy,then how to replace "Enalapril"? There is a huge list of similar drugs. In addition, most of them in the composition there are other additional components that enhance the effectiveness of the basic substance.

Most buyers are happy with what's on"Enalapril" price. Analogues can cost several times more, within 100 rubles, but due to the fact that they have more additional components that increase efficiency. Here in this case, many do not pay attention to the difference in price.

The main analogues of Enalapril are:

  • Enam.
  • "Vasolapril".
  • "Enarenal".
  • "Envas".
  • Invor.
  • "Bagopril";
  • Renitek.
  • "The Korandil."

This is not a complete list, in fact, goodThere are many analogues to this drug, and each patient can choose the one that is more suitable for him. All analogs help block the production of angiotensin and significantly reduce the stress of the blood vessels and all organs of the cardiovascular system. Each of the products listed has its own individual characteristics, but the indications for use are practically the same.

The analogues existing for the medicine "Enap" are identical in composition. You can add a few more, which are available for the price, and are very good for efficiency:

  • "Berlipril 10 or 20".
  • "Renipril".

enap analogues

Each of these drugs in its own wayis good, but their composition also includes its additional components, which increase the effectiveness of medicines. Choose from this huge list for tablets "Enap" analogues and replacement will not be very difficult. And pick up all the same have, because the disease in each person proceed differently, and the sensitivity to the components of the medicine is individual. Make this difficult choice will help you your doctor.

Interaction with other drugs

The medicine can be used before or after a meal, asconvenient for the patient. With the reception of "Enalapril" hypotensive effectiveness of nitrates, potassium ions, prazosin is observed. NSAIDs significantly reduce its positive effect.

The simultaneous use of this drug and diuretics with potassium content often leads to the development of hyperkalemia.

This drug reduces the level of lithium clearance, reduces the period of removal of theophylline. "Cimetidine", on the contrary, increases the output.

The threat that in the short term may developarterial hypotension, increases if the patient is anesthetized, or if he took alcoholic beverages. That is why it is better to refuse drinking alcohol.

What is still better?

Reply uniquely to the question:"Enap" or "Enalapril" - which is better? "- will be very difficult, because both of these drugs have one active substance. There is no difference between the two drugs. Perhaps the only difference is in price. But, as practice has shown, each patient chooses for himself the drug that came up to him personally.

Each of these drugs, although there is oneactive ingredient, but the additional components are different, which means that in each individual case two almost identical means can act differently. Therefore, you must carefully choose the drug.


As for the opinions about the drugs "Enap" and "Enalapril", the majority of patients who personally tried the effects of these drugs themselves, speak of them only positively.

People with unstable blood pressure alsovery satisfied with these two drugs, because they quickly and, most importantly, gently reduce the increased pressure, and then for a long time keep it at the optimal level.

enap testimony

Even mothers who give these medicines to children tell that if they do not exceed the dose, then "Enap" is a great help in the most difficult cases.

Side-effects of "Enalapril" are many, but if you are taking the drug without increasing the dose and take into account all the nuances of your disease, you can avoid them.

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