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Cigarettes "Chesterfield" - pleasure in your taste!

Tobacco brand "Chesterfield" ("Chester") - one of the favorite types for smokers. What kind of cigarettes are they and why are they so loved?

History of Chesterfield cigarettes

Smoking is a bad habit, but not everyone cangive up this pleasure. "Cigarettes Chesterfield" is a pleasure ", - so it sounds one of the first slogans of the famous tobacco brand. Manufactured by cigarettes company Drummond Tobacco Company back in 1873. At that time chewing tobacco was still popular, so the level of cigarette sales was quite low.

The Tobacco Company did not last long, the business collapsed. The company "Liggett & Myers" got the brand "Chesterfield". Cigarettes became different: the design of the pack and the tobacco mixture changed.

More than once the company succumbed to attacks of black PR.What did not the competitors make up: for example, they said that cigarettes are made by sick people, that Liggett & Myers financially supported Adolf Hitler. Despite this, the Chesterfield brand became more and more famous, and in 1995 tobacco products began to be produced in Russia.

Interesting facts about Chesterfield cigarettes

Few people know that in advertising cigarettesfamous people took part. So, on one of the posters of the company Chesterfield flaunts none other than Ronald Wilson Reagan. At one time he became the 40th president of the United States of America and after being embarrassed by his tobacco "dark past". However, the circle of famous persons on Reagan does not end. In the advertising of tobacco products Chesterfield was attended by famous actress Lucille Ball, actors James Dean and Humphrey Bogart. Also at one time on the posters Chesterfield flaunted famous football players, baseball players, football coaches, etc.

The design of the Chesterfield cigarette package is interesting.Despite the different colors, the front side of the pack is an inscription of the name of cigarettes on the background of the logo. The logo looks like "C", and above it is a small crown of golden hue.

Chesterfield cigarettes

A variety of Chesterfield cigarettes: classic

Now in Russia, tobacco products have a highprice, and one of the most expensive and presentable brands is "Chesterfield" (cigarettes). Types of this product - Chesterfield red, Chesterfield blue, Chesterfield bronze.

A pack of cigarettes costs about 100-110 rubles.Cigarettes "Chesterfield red" are sold in red and white packaging. These are cigarettes with the highest resin content (10 mg) and nicotine (0.7 mg). As a rule, they are chosen by smokers with experience.

The lighter version is the Chesterfield Blue cigarette. It contains 8 mg of resin and 0.6 mg of nicotine. Are sold in packs of blue-white color.

The lightest cigarettes are the Chesterfield type Classic Bronze with a resin content of 4 mg and nicotine 0.4 mg. Packaging of bronze-white color.

chesterfield cigarettes

A variety of Chesterfield cigarettes

However, this is not all types of brand cigarettes"Chesterfield", which can be found in stores. More often for the fair sex, not only the flavor and taste of tobacco is important, but also the design of the package and the cigarette itself. Such cigarettes include "Chesterfield Slider Blue". The packaging of such cigarettes immediately attracts attention: a pack of dark blue or black, and the logo is depicted in soft blue colors. Cigarettes are light, with 5 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine in the cigarette. Such cigarettes from the pack are obtained in an unusual way, with the help of a sliding plate.

"Chesterfield Slims Blue" are sold in an ordinary pack, but the image on the front side of the package is supplemented with an interesting design. The content of tar and nicotine in it is the same as in the previous version.

An unusual type of cigarettes can be considered"Chesterfield Crown Blue". The packaging is blue, even the usual logo is missing. The length of cigarettes exceeds the standard (80 mm) size, but their diameter is the same as in classic cigarettes.

Chesterfield does not produce flavored cigarettes. The only series is with the addition of menthol. However, in Russia it is quite difficult to find Chesterfield cigarettes with menthol.

chesterfield cigarette types

Chesterfield is one of the most popular andquality brands of tobacco products not only in Russia, but all over the world. Fragrant tobacco, minimal smoke and a hard filter - that's why many smokers love Chesterfield cigarettes.

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