/ / Means of "Indinol". Instructions for use

Means of "Indinol". Instructions for use

Preparation "Indinol" instructions for usecharacterizes as a universal corrector of hyperplastic processes of a pathological nature in the tissues of the mammary glands. The mechanism of drug activity is based on antiproliferative and anti-estrogenic effects. A feature of the drug is its ability to provoke cell death with an abnormally increased proliferative activity. The active substance is indolcarbinol.

Means of "Indinol". Instructions for use. Appointment

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The medicine is used in conjunction withtraditional therapeutic methods (chemo- and radiotherapy, immunomodulators, surgical intervention). Indications include the pathology of the reproductive system in women associated with cell proliferation. The drug is also recommended for the prevention of hormone-dependent diseases and hormonal disorders, as well as oncological diseases. Appointed means "Indinol" with myoma of the uterus, ovarian cyst, mastopathy. The indications include PMS, papillomatosis of the sexual system of women, papillomavirus infection, cyclic mastalgia. The drug is recommended for the prevention of cancer of the ovaries and mammary glands.

Medication Indinol. Instructions for use

The medicine is prescribed inside. Dosage - 200 mg twice a day. Capsules drink before eating. Duration of therapy is six months.

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Means of "Indinol". Instructions for use. Side effects

On the basis of medication,morbidity in the epigastrium, menstrual irregularities, increased levels of follicle-stimulating and thyroid-stimulating hormones, estradiol and prolactin, a decrease in creatinine. The drug can provoke eosinophilia, weight loss. As practice shows, undesirable consequences during therapy are noted quite rarely, are of short duration and are eliminated on their own. If there are any reactions that are not indicated in the annotation or a deterioration in the state of health, you should consult a specialist.

Means of "Indinol". Instructions for use. Contraindications

The drug is not recommended for intolerancegalactose (hereditary type), pregnancy, hypersensitivity to components, lack of lactase. Do not prescribe a remedy for children and lactating women.

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Means of "Indinol". Reviews. Price. additional information

The cost of the drug is from 1130 rubles.According to specialists, according to the side-effect profile and the pharmacodynamics of the drug, it is unlikely that it will influence the ability to drive or engage in activities that are considered potentially dangerous and require high concentration of attention. In case of an overdose, a number of negative consequences are noted. In particular, diarrhea is observed, nausea is likely, right up to vomiting. A specific antidote is not known, so standard methods of alleviating the condition are recommended for poisoning. Treatment is prescribed in accordance with the symptoms.

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