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Is it worth it to do inhalation at a temperature

One of the most effective methods of treatmentdiseases of the respiratory system and colds are considered inhalations, that is inhalation of certain medicines. With the help of inhalation, one can treat the common cold, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc. Inhalation is used in the form of aerosols or vapor, so as the medicinal substances contained in the inhaler touch the largest area of ​​mucous membranes, respiratory tracts, rather absorbed directly into the blood, act faster.

Whether it is necessary to do inhalations at a temperature above 38degrees? Doctors do not recommend, because under the influence of a very hot steam the temperature can rise even more. You can do the procedure if you have a temperature dropped to at least 37.5 degrees. If you have a special device-inhaler, the steam will act only locally, on the throat and nose. In this case, the effect of hot steam on the body as a whole will be less.

Also, inhalation should not be carried out with nasalbleeding, with respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency. Therefore, it is up to your physician to decide whether to do this procedure at a temperature.

That from carrying out of inhalations there was only advantage or benefit,should be conducted two hours after eating, concentrate on the procedure, nothing should be distracted. Inhale the drug during inhalation without tension through the nose or mouth, and depending on the disease. Within an hour after the procedure, you should not take food and strain yourself with long conversations or singing.

Doctors say that it is possible to do a nebulizerinhalation at a temperature, but steam inhalations at a temperature should not be done, since there is no hot steam in the nebulizer, and fog is a kind of aerosol cloud that consists of microparticles of the solution.

It is necessary to take into account only that today there areHeated nebulizers that combine the advantages of steam and ultrasonic spraying, such inhalers at elevated temperatures should also not be used. With regard to the composition of inhalations - it can be used fiz.stvorr, mineral water, you can use sage or chamomile. The main thing in the procedure with a dry cough is the moistening of the respiratory system. It is not recommended to use essential oils, as they can often enhance a dry cough. When deciding whether to do inhalation with a nebulizer at a temperature or with steam, talk to your doctor. If you do not have an inhaler, you can do steam inhalation. It is necessary for this to take an ordinary teapot, which closes the lid tightly. On the tip of the kettle you need to put on a rubber tube, and on the other end of it, attach a funnel made of plastic, through which the vapors begin to exit.

Reduce the heat so that the water boils moderately,spend a similar inhalation before going to bed in the evening or the day when you do not have to, then go out into the street, because in the cold air the entire effect of the procedure disappears.

Be extremely careful when carrying out steaminhalation in children! Please note that children are categorically prohibited from inhaling with continuously boiling water! Frequent steam burns of the upper respiratory tract in children as a result of such procedures. Children are more comfortable with warm procedures (up to 40 degrees). Whether it is worth doing inhalation at the temperature of a child, you should tell the pediatrician. To prepare such an inhalation, it is necessary to pour water of the required temperature into a teapot with a rather narrow nose, a funnel made of cardboard is put on it (the younger the child, the greater the distance to the boiling water). Duration of inhalation for a child - about three minutes, do advise them 2 times a day.

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