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Storage conditions and shelf life of cigarettes

For several decades smoking has beena habit of so many people. This process causes certain sensations in a person that can often be compared with pleasant ones, since to some extent the nicotine contained in tobacco has a relaxing and narcotic effect on the body. In this connection, the question arises as to whether tobacco products deteriorate. If so, what is the expiry date of cigarettes? In what conditions should they be stored?

expiry date of cigarettes

Terms of storage

Legislation for the period of storage of cigarettes is nowhereis regulated, that is, in other words, they can be stored forever. But, as practice shows, over time they have a property to deteriorate, which affects their smell, taste and sensations from the smoking process.

Cigarette storage conditions

Despite the fact that clearly described conditionsstorage is nowhere to be found, it is known that to keep tobacco in a cigarette fresh for some short period, you must observe a certain humidity, do not allow light to hit the cigarettes, avoid finding a number of strong-smelling substances or products, ventilate the room. Equally important is the storage temperature.

So, the optimal humidity for cigarettesis considered 70% (at a temperature of 15 to 23 degrees). If this number is greater, tobacco will dampen, if less - it will dry up. It has properties to absorb odors, so that the product retains its aroma, you need to take care that there is nothing next to a strong smell. Dust and similar substances are also absorbed into the tobacco, so if the pack of cigarettes is long open, this leads to a deterioration in consumer qualities.

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Duration of storage

What is the expiry date of cigarettes? Even taking into account the above conditions, which are very difficult to comply with at home or in the store (in stock), tobacco products should not be stored for more than one year.

What is the expiration date of cigarettes "Marlboro", "Winston"or any other brand? The correct answer is unlimited. They will not deteriorate, that is, they can be smoked after a long period from the date of their production, but the pleasure from the process will be very difficult, since the taste, smell and sensations after them will be weaker or different.

Why do cigarettes deteriorate?

What is the expiry date of cigarettes? Why do they spoil?There are two points, because of which cigarettes lose their quality: tobacco and auxiliaries. Tobacco is a dry leaf that can not be stored forever. If you recall dried plants in books, then in time they become fragile and simply crumble into dust. With tobacco, the story is exactly the same.

The second is various auxiliary substances,which accelerate combustion. After all, tobacco itself burns very badly. And various flavors, which can be found in cigarettes with menthol, cherry, apple? These substances have the property of weathering.

shelf-life of cigarettes

Determination of the freshness of cigarettes and tobacco

What is the expiry date of cigarettes?How to determine their freshness? Any smoker will confirm that a quality cigarette with fresh tobacco has some stinginess, irritates the throat, causes bitterness and a certain tingling in the tongue. At the same time, the smell from the smoky tobacco product is very rich and pronounced. Even an unlit cigarette has a very strong flavor, if it was made recently.

Accordingly, in the absence of the above properties, it can be concluded that the cigarettes are old.

The appearance of cigarettes also speaks volumes.The filter must be bright yellow, not burnt. If cigarettes with a white filter, then the paper should also be white, not yellow. It should be smooth, without bruises and traces of aging. In a fresh cigarette, tobacco is clogged evenly and does not get enough sleep if you lift it up with a filter. Seams on tobacco paper should be smooth and without breaks, and the place of connection of the cigarette with the filter is reliable.

conditions of storage of cigarettes

Another two ways to determine the age of cigarettes

Price. Typically, a smoker knows exactly the price of tobacco products, which does not differ in different stores. Therefore, if a pack of cigarettes is much cheaper, we can conclude that this is an old purchase.

Design of the pack. Most famous brands at least once inyear update the appearance of the cigarette pack. Changes can be minor, but they always are. People who prefer to buy the same cigarettes, for sure, know the history of changing the appearance of the favorite product, so returning to the old really says about the staleness of cigarettes.

Why not smoke old tobacco products?

First of all, because you getthe pleasure of smoking old cigarettes is impossible. They do not have the qualities of fresh tobacco. Secondly, cigarettes in themselves are a poison, and with a long period of storage carcinogens begin to accumulate in them, which in the process of smoking enter the human body and exert additional harm.

shelf life of Marlborough cigarettes

Tobacco storage for tubes

What period of validity of cigarettes - we have already found out.Now let's talk about how much tobacco is stored for the pipe. Unlike cigarettes, it can be stored much longer. In most small towns, finding a quality product is very difficult, and it is ordered through the Internet in huge quantities. At the same time, the storage times for different types of tobacco are very different. The plag can lie in the package for several decades and does not change its taste characteristics at all. Tobacco with flavorings can be stored for no more than two to three years. Virgin dry tobacco in sealed packaging can safely lie for five years, and at the same time its quality will only improve, as it has the property of ripening, like good sorts of wines.

An important point in storing such tobacco islack of sunlight, air access, that is, hermetic packaging, and most importantly - the original quality of tobacco. Counterfeits can not be stored for so long.

Most cigarettes sold in the Russian Federation are produced from the lowest tobacco grades, which also affects shelf life.

Smoking or not smoking is everyone's personal choice, butif you still indulge in this addiction, you should take care that the cigarettes are of high quality and stored until the showdown no more than a year. That's why there is no sense in recruiting cigarettes in stock, in order to save money, as they are always getting more expensive. A smoker in this case has all the chances afterwards, with time, to use an exhausted product.

Take care of your health!

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