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Cinnamon with honey in the treatment of various diseases

In the fight against diseases, some spicesbecome reliable allies for us. An example is the familiar cinnamon. It is a spice used in cooking. In addition, it is widely used in folk medicine.

Cinnamon with honey

Many people are interested in the question of what is so usefulcinnamon. This spice can strengthen health. It helps to lower the level of glucose in the blood serum. Cinnamon is an important product for diabetics. It is enough to take half a teaspoon of cinnamon before eating, and you will avoid unwanted health problems. Since ancient times cinnamon with honey is mentioned in grandmother's recipes. Due to its properties, it was used to treat all kinds of diseases.

However, this mixture can not completely replacetraditional therapy. It can be used as an additional remedy for heart diseases. A cup of tea with cinnamon for breakfast will always come in handy, but buns with cinnamon (especially in large quantities) can even hurt. This is because foods saturated with fats and sugar neutralize the positive qualities of cinnamon.

In order to get cinnamona positive result, you need to add it as a seasoning in cottage cheese, cereal, juice or coffee. Cinnamon with honey will help with colds, especially when the respiratory tract is affected. The use of this remedy will help when there are problems with the stomach and intestines. To lower the level of cholesterol and protect yourself from a heart attack, it is useful in the morning to drink a cup of tea and eat a sandwich with cinnamon and honey.

Cinnamon Weight Loss

For elderly people, cinnamon with honey is especially useful- it will help strengthen the heart muscle and easier to tolerate age-related changes in the body. Many people know that when cinnamon enters the diet, slimming is gradual. As a result, not only does weight decrease, but the figure also improves. This is because cinnamon and honey are natural antiseptics and perfectly cleanse the human body.

Many people like cinnamon with honey, reviews about itcan be read on the Internet. Readers share their achievements, received as a result of the reception of this wonderful tool. They recommend making tea from cinnamon powder with the addition of natural honey, which is best to drink after and before bedtime. The recipe is: take 2 spoons of honey and one cinnamon and pour boiling water. Then put in the refrigerator for the whole night. Cinnamon with honey will achieve good results if you drink half a glass of infusion in the morning, and leave the rest for the evening to drink before going to bed.

Cinnamon with honey отзывы

Each of you, of course, wants to know if there is anycontraindications for taking cinnamon. Yes, for example, the use of blood thinners, bleeding internal and external, fever, hypertension, early pregnancy and old age. Since there is coumarin in cinnamon, in high doses it can negatively affect the liver and cause a headache.

Take cinnamon with honey on the above recommendations, and you are ensured the preservation of health and well-being.

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