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Nasal drops "Rhinostop": instructions and recommendations

Nasal drops "Rinostop" instructions forapplication describes as a drug capable of exerting a pronounced effect in obstructed nasal breathing and runny nose. These drops have the ability to narrow the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa of the nose, thereby facilitating breathing and eliminating local edema.

Since the nasal drops "Rhinostop" instructionon the application characterizes as a modern means of the last generation, its effect comes in a few minutes after the administration of the drug topically and can last up to several hours. During this time, the symptoms of difficulty breathing and the release of excess mucus do not return, the mucous membranes remain in a normal state and the patient is able to lead a normal lifestyle.

Indications for the use of the drug "Rinostop" (nasal drops)

Local anticonvulsant "Rinostop" is prescribed by a doctor-therapist or an otolaryngologist in the following cases:

  • Pollinosis;
  • acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by rhinitis of different degrees;
  • rhinitis caused by allergic reactions;
  • Purification of the nasal passages of the patient before all possible diagnostic manipulations and medical procedures.

Dosage of the drug

Dosage of local nasal drops "Rinostop"instruction on the use of the drug determines, primarily, the form of release of the drug. Since today the medicine "Rinostop" is available in the form of drops of nasal, nasal gel, drops for children, and also in the form of several types of nasal sprays, the dosage should be prescribed precisely taking into account the means of the series the patient plans to use.

Nasal gel is recommended only foradults (or with caution in children older than 7 years). During its application in each nasal passage the necessary amount of gel is laid (usually a ball the size of a pea of ​​black pepper). In this case, the gel must be inserted as deep as possible. This procedure is done three times during the day, the last laying should be done immediately before bed.

Nasal drops "Rinostop".The instruction for their use gives the following recommendations: the drug can be used only in adults and children older than 6 years. For one procedure is made by a single injection of the drug in each nostril. The total number of injections during the day is no more than four, otherwise dryness and burning in the nasal passages may occur.

Children's nasal drops "Rinostop".This drug should be used in children older than 2 years in accordance with general recommendations. At the age of up to two years, the pediatric drug is not recommended for use in concentrated form (apply 0.05% solution). However, treatment should not be long-term and should be carried out under close supervision.


In questions of contra-indications to usepreparation "Rinostop" instructions for use are fairly loyal. The main reasons to refuse local medication are surgical interventions in history, carried out on the brain envelopes, tachycardia, glaucoma and atherosclerosis. In all other cases, taking the drug is possible, only with diabetes, lactation (breastfeeding) and angina pectoris should be careful and attentive to the possible symptoms of side effects.

As to whether it is possible to take the drug"Rinostop" during pregnancy, then in this issue doctors clearly do not allow the introduction of the drug into the body. The possible reaction of the fetus to the drug has not been fully studied, and therefore it should be refrained from taking it.

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