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Fractures of the toes: causes, symptoms and treatments

Most often, toe fractures occur due todirect injury, namely, the impact, the fall of a very heavy object on the foot, the unsuccessful landing of a person on it, etc. In most cases, such injuries are open, and affect only the nail, middle or main phalanx.

toe fractures


Of course, broken toes can notTo remain unnoticed, especially if it concerns the main phalanx, when the functions of the foot are violated. The signs of such damage are almost always the same, but their intensity varies considerably (depending on the site of the fracture). So, the injuries of the distal phalanx of the foot will be less painful than the main one, which communicates with the bones of the foot. It is also worth noting that the fracture of the toes 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the score (except for the large one) may initially not be noticeable at all. And only with the growth of painful feelings a person turns to a traumatologist.

So, let's consider what signs should lead the patient to the idea that his toes are injured:

  • violation of the function of the foot (in case the main phalanx is broken);
  • fingers swell strongly;
  • there is a hemorrhage under the skin or nail;
  • there are painful sensations, especially when you try to move your fingers;
  • movements become pathological and unnatural;
  • with open fractures, a crunch of bone fragments is heard during pressure;
  • the limb is in an unnatural position.

Fracture of toe: what to do?
toe fracture what to do

If you have damaged the phalanges of your toes, you shouldalways consult a traumatologist. After all, self-treatment can contribute to improper bone healing, as well as infection in the wound. In the event that your loved one is injured, he is recommended to provide first aid.


The patient should be completely fenced offPhysical stress, including prolonged walking or standing. To visit a doctor, crutches may be necessary, since wearing shoes in such situations is undesirable.

Ice compresses

Immediately after the injury to the broken fingerit is advisable to attach ice and hold it for 17-23 minutes every 2 hours. To protect the skin between the body and the bag of ice should be put a terry towel.

toe fracture treatment


As it was said above, toe fracturesprimarily characterized by severe swelling and hemorrhage under the skin. To prevent such a condition of the limb, as well as greatly reduce the pain, it is advisable to place the injured leg above the heart and keep it as long as possible.

Medical Therapy

After the patient was given the firsthelp, he should be taken to a traumatologist, especially if there was a fracture of the big toe. Treatment of such damage is that a plaster bandage is applied to the affected area from the upper third of the lower leg to the injured finger. Such a fixative should be kept for at least 5-6 weeks. In addition, the patient is prescribed drug therapy, which includes taking painkillers, as well as vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

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