/ / "Multi tabs active" - ​​a complex of vitamins and microelements for active people

"Multi tabs asset" - a complex of vitamins and microelements for active people

In modern pharmacies sold a lotvitamin-mineral complexes, among which the line of preparations "Multi-tabs" from the Danish pharmaceutical company Ferrosan enjoys constant popularity. Since vitamins are lines that cover all stages of a person's life, starting from the earliest age. Vitamin complexes are created taking into account the needs of each age group. So, "Multi-tabs asset" is conceived as a special vitamin-mineral complex for people who are used to living an active lifestyle and who need more vitamins and trace elements than those that are more passive. The composition of the drug includes ginseng extract, which has a pronounced tonic effect. Therefore, it is advisable to take "Multi-tabs asset" in the morning, preferably at breakfast. Taking the drug in the evening can provoke insomnia. The drug can be taken in patients with diabetes mellitus and people who do not tolerate gluten and lactose. Contraindications for admission are:

• arterial hypertension;

• individual intolerance of components;

• increased nervous excitability;

• pregnancy and lactation;

• age up to 12years;

• with the possibility of convulsive conditions;

Reception "Multi-tabs asset" is shown:

• with increased physical and intellectual loads to maintain increased performance;

• for prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis and micronutrient deficiencies in the body;

• with asthenic conditions;

• in the period of recovery and rehabilitation after the transferred diseases;

• in stressful situations and psycho-emotional overloads;

• with diets, unbalanced and malnutrition;

• to increase the sexual activity of women and men;

It is necessary to know!

Admission of this drug leads tostrengthening the effect of analeptics and stimulants (camphor, caffeine, etc.). The drug is an antagonist of drugs acting depressingly on the central nervous system (barbiturates, anticonvulsants, tranquilizers, etc.). In view of the possibility of overdose of fat-soluble vitamins, it is not recommended to take "Multi-tabs active" simultaneously with other vitamin-mineral complexes. Continually take multivitamin complexes can not, because fat-soluble vitamins accumulate in the body. Justified the use of vitamin preparations courses (from two weeks to one month), then for a month you need to take a break. When taking the drug, urine is colored in a bright yellow color, which is due to the presence in the complex of vitamin B2, or riboflavin. To be frightened of it it is not necessary, this normal phenomenon. Occasionally, allergic reactions are possible.

Ferrosan producesvitamin-mineral complexes by the method of microencapsulation, in which vitamins and microelements are encapsulated in separate microcapsules. This determines the high effectiveness of vitamin preparations of the multi-tabs line. The production of vitamins in the company is certified according to the European GMP quality standards.

In the Russian pharmaceutical market, not so mucha lot of vitamin preparations (perhaps, the competition can only be made up by Vitrum Antistress and Complivit Antistress), which have a tonic effect similar to Multi-tabs active. Reviews about the use of the drug are more often positive. One tablet of vitamins guarantees a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day.

As a summary:the drug "Multi-tabs active with ginseng" corresponds to European quality standards, it has a reasonable ratio of quality and price, so if a pharmacist or pharmacist advises you to buy this complex, you can trust it. Many pharmacists and pharmacists (based on personal experience) choose multivitamin preparations for themselves and their family members precisely the preparations of the Multi-tabs line and recommend them to their relatives.

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