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Diseases of the gallbladder cause severe pain

The gallbladder is very important,functionally significant organ for humans. He throws the bile into the duodenum. This helps the body to digest food more efficiently, taking away all useful substances for the body and discarding unnecessary ones. You can buy gallbladder diseases by eating excessively fatty foods, alcohol, and, in general, abuse of their quantity. In response to this, the body reacts with pain. Symptoms of gallbladder disease will not take long.

diseases of the gallbladder
You will feel pain in the right hypochondrium,giving in the right hand or shoulder blade. A sharp attack of pain is usually called colic. She says that the disease is started and manifests itself in extreme degree, when the process became chronic. This disease is called cholecystitis. At this point, bitterness in the mouth, nausea and, as a result, a poor appetite can arise. The aggravation of the disease can also be caused by nervous overstresses, deep stressful situations. As a rule, it is possible to detect gallbladder disease in an ultrasound study that detects the presence of stones in the affected organ. In patients with this diagnosis, exacerbation can be caused by banal physical overstrain in the form of driving on uneven roads in the car, swimming, cycling. If the disease is not complicated, then the attack of pain may stop the next day, otherwise it causes vomiting of bile, which does not bring relief. This situation requires an immediate call for an ambulance.
signs of gallbladder disease

Diseases of the gallbladder can provokevarious bacteria, infectious agents. A medical examination is needed for their availability. If the cholecystitis develops without stones in the gallbladder, then the diet, a more mobile way of life, elimination of parasites and infections from the body will cure it. Further, mineral water therapy is prescribed. And if the stones are present in the gallbladder, then often it ends with its removal.

Diseases of the liver and gallbladder oftenecho each other, because these bodies should work in unison, for the sake of a common goal. Therefore, exacerbation of the disease in one of them entails the infection of another. For their treatment, cholagogue is prescribed.

So, the diseases of the gallbladder need to be treatedcomplex methods, such as: a diet with a fully balanced caloric content of full nutrition, consumption of at least two liters of water per day, as well as vegetable dishes, cereals, soups.

liver and gallbladder disease
You will also need daily exercise,reception of mineral waters and cholagogue medicines. Prevention and treatment of the liver, pelvic organs and esophagus will improve health. Also, such kinds of treatment as sanatorium-resort, surgical are applicable. Often prescribed phytotherapy in conjunction with antibacterial. It also shows the use of pain medication and spasmodic drugs. Such measures will help to recover from cholecystitis, improve immunity and feel much better.

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