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Almonds: useful properties, composition, calories, contraindications

Almonds are useful nuts that you canbuy in the supermarket, although this is not quite a nut, but more seeds. They belong to the group prunus, a variety of trees and shrubs, which also include apricots, cherries, plums and peaches.

Nuts of almonds were originally found in the NorthAfrica, West Asia and the Mediterranean regions. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and are high in dietary fiber and monounsaturated fat, which makes the heart healthy. Useful properties of almonds are almost endless!

almonds on the table

Lower Cholesterol

Almonds are a good resource for monounsaturated andpolyunsaturated fats, which facilitate the reduction of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Consuming almonds as part of a normal diet can help raise HDL cholesterol levels or "good" cholesterol levels. According to a study conducted by David Jenkins, people who daily consumed a handful of almonds reduced their bad cholesterol by 4.4%, and those who consumed two handfuls daily reduced their bad cholesterol by 9.4%.

Prevent Cancer

Dietary fiber, present in almonds,helps in detoxification of the body. This allows food products to pass more effectively through the digestive system. This process cleanses the digestive system. Almonds can be attributed to products that prevent colon cancer, since it has a high fiber content. Useful properties of almonds also include an excellent supply of vitamin E, phytochemicals and flavonoids, which controls the progression of breast cancer cells.

almond milk

It is said that the presence of hydrogen cyanide in bitter almond oil has healing properties for certain types of cancer. This fact was recently published in a medical study.

Almonds can potentially reduce the risk of developingcancer. In a study published in 2015 in the field of gynecological and obstetrical investigations, nut consumption and the risk of cancer were studied. They found that people who consumed more peanuts, walnuts and almonds, the risk of breast cancer is reduced by 2-3 times.

So, include almonds in your daily diet - like a snack, in smoothies or add it to baking. You can also replace your regular milk with almond, and the usual flour with almond.

Blood sugar

Almond contains a relatively high levelmagnesium. There is some evidence that this nut can help control blood sugar levels. It is believed that this beneficial property of almonds is due to the high content of magnesium, containing almost half of the daily recommended amount in just 60 g of almonds.

Increase energy

The structure of almonds includes:manganese, riboflavin and copper, which help in the production of energy. If you are active, take these nuts with you, which will serve as a source of energy for you.

Prevention of Birth Defects

Almonds contain folic acid, confirmedprotection from birth defects. Folic acid plays an important role in healthy cell growth and tissue configuration, and is therefore very important for healthy fetal growth. Women who consume folic acid by eating these nuts during pregnancy reduce the risk of developing a neural tube defect in a child. Therefore, women's almonds are especially useful.

Stimulates the work of the brain

Scientific studies of the benefits of almonds have shown thatit contains riboflavin and L-carnitine, nutrients that help in the growth of brain cells. These nuts also contain phenylalanine, a brain-accelerating chemical that helps our cognitive functions. Ayurveda advises eating five almond nuts soaked in water, the first thing in the morning every day for maximum brain work.

roasted almonds

Strengthens bones and teeth

Almond is a good sourcemicroelements, such as calcium and phosphorus, that prevent osteoporosis and strengthen bones and teeth. It also provides the body with other nutrients that improve bone mineral density and strengthen the skeleton.

Help with anemia

Anemia occurs when red blood cells containless oxygen. Almonds contain copper, iron and vitamins, which work as a catalyst in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Therefore, this nut can be used as a preventive measure against anemia.

Weight loss

Caloric almonds do not contribute to the increaseweight. On the contrary, its use contributed to weight loss, since healthy fiber and high protein help to make the stomach full. There is even an assumption that these calories can not be absorbed and turn into extra pounds. Nevertheless, the fullness of the use of such a nut in combination with its nutritional profile was the reason that people consume unhealthy food in addition to it, not taking into account its calorific value. In almonds, it is 600 kcal per 100 g.

Healthy protein

almonds and butter

Those who want to build muscle mass, canchoose almond oil, because it is a healthy source of proteins. Unsaturated fat in almond oil lowers cholesterol and helps maintain the heart muscle. A healthy adult should consume at least 25% of their daily calories from fat, and healthy fat in combination with protein is the best way for health. This makes almonds for men particularly useful.

Nerves and muscles

Magnesium, present in almonds, possessesmany advantages for the nervous system and muscle contraction, since the mineral plays a role in both functions. It also promotes healthy metabolism and bone tissue.


Almond oil with its vitamin E hassignificant antioxidant properties, which protect the tissue from oxidative damage. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. One spoonful of almond oil will take care of almost 30% of the daily need in it.

Vitamin E

One of the useful properties of almonds - highlevel of vitamin E, antioxidant. In fact, it is one of the best natural sources of vitamin E, providing 37 percent of the recommended daily intake in just 30 grams of almonds. Vitamin E helps protect cells from damage.

In addition, its higher consumption has long been associated with a reduction in the risk of certain diseases, such as Alzheimer's, certain cancers and heart diseases.

Increase digestion and metabolism

Almond milk contains dietary fiber.It is known for its properties that improve digestion. Thus, almond milk facilitates the problem of indigestion. With good digestion, unwanted and unhealthy toxins are released from the human body. This further increases the metabolic rate.

Improve physical fitness

almonds on the table

Almond milk is rich in proteins for building upmuscles. They improve muscular health by repairing damaged ligaments and tissues. Thus, it is also a very valuable and nutritious drink for athletes. Improved muscle health significantly reduces body fatigue.

Increases mental activity

Almonds are rich in potassium.It is one of the minerals that make up electrolytes in the human body. These electrolytes are charges that increase memory. Thus, almonds are a natural way to improve memory.

Reduce fever

At high body temperature applicationAlmond oil can significantly reduce the temperature. Cause? It is said that bitter almonds contain alkaline elements that are present in some toxins. They prevent the flu, viruses or bacteria from spreading in the human body. But until now no deeper reason has been discovered.

As an anesthetic

When it comes to minor wounds on the skinor tearing teeth, bitter almond oil can be used as an anesthetic. The poisonous component, called glycoside amygdalin, which is present in bitter almond oil, is able to temporarily turn off the nerves to relieve the feeling of pain. But, it should also be noted that it is possible to use bitter almond oil as an anesthetic compound only from the outside. Consuming it inside can lead to a health hazard.

Skin care

Used someday almond oil forskin? Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer, because it contains linoleic acid olein glyceride. It works to prevent acne, stretch marks, and dry skin. It also provides vitamin E, essential for healthy skin. This helps make it radiant, and also acts as a mild disinfectant for wounds. It is also used as a massage oil for young children.

Skin protection from sun exposure

Almond contains a sufficient amount of vitaminE, which is designated as an important nutrient for the skin. Foods rich in this vitamin act as a shield against sun exposure and minimize skin damage. Almond milk can be used to effectively treat sunburn and other skin problems.

Natural Moisturizing Cream

nuts almonds

Almond is considered a natural moisturizerand can easily replace chemically-saturated creams and serums. Thoroughly cleanse your face and apply a few drops of oil on your face. Do massage the skin with ascending movements, including the eye area. Daily application will result in a more smooth and soft skin. Almond oil has no oily effect and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It also does not clog pores.

Reduce dark circles and swelling

Almond oil and pasta are very effective fromdark circles under the eyes. Soak the almonds with water and crush it to make a paste. Apply it around the eyes and leave it overnight. Moisturizing properties of almonds will reduce dark circles and swelling under the eyes. This, of course, will work better than ready-made eye creams.

Anti-Aging Nature

It is believed that almonds have anti-agingproperties. Facial massage with almond oil fights with signs of aging, so that the skin is supple and youthful. Make a face mask by combining honey, almond oil and lemon juice in equal amounts. Use this simple facial mask twice a week to reduce wrinkles and revitalize the skin.

Treats stretch marks

Softening properties of almond oil make itvery effective for the treatment of stretch marks. It strengthens and nourishes the skin, creating a natural resistance to rupture. Heat the oil a little and apply to stretch marks. Massage the area in a circular motion for a few minutes. Apply it twice a day for optimal results.

Improves hair growth

Almond contains a large amount of magnesium,which is an important mineral for healthy hair. Magnesium deficiency is often associated with their loss, so the consumption of magnesium through almonds not only helps maintain the proper functioning of the body, but also promotes hair growth.

Almond oil is also very useful in treatingall kinds of problems with hair. This helps to "curb" hair loss and dandruff, and prevents graying. Almond oil makes hair silky and shiny.

Select and store

almonds in a jar

Almond nuts are easily available year round inmany forms, such as peeled, uncleaned, salted, sweetened and even crushed. If you choose unpeeled nuts, shake them. If they are very loud, then there is a possibility that they are old or dried up. Buy peeled almonds, which are bright brown in color, homogeneous in size. It should be free of cracks and stains, and should not smell rancid.

Almonds often become bitter with time.To check rancidity, cut almonds in half and look at the white part. If the inside of the almond is yellow or has a honeycomb texture, then it should be discarded.

Packed almonds are best stored ina cool dark place, you can even keep it in the refrigerator. This does not change his taste. After opening, store it in a sealed container or sealed bag in a cool and dry place. Avoid the neighborhood of almonds with foods that have a strong odor, as nuts can easily absorb them. Protect it from insects and pests. For maximum shelf life of almonds, keep it away from moisture.


Almonds are one of the most versatile nuts in the world.all over the world. You can add this nut to almost every meal. The taste of almonds is nutty, but pleasant and sweet. It can be used in both salty and unsalted forms. Very tasty almonds in chocolate, but better in bitter. However, you should not abuse this delicacy.

Now we know the nutritional properties of almonds. Its composition is described below.



There are potential risks and contraindications to almonds. The allergy to this nut, in fact, is quite common. Symptoms of almond allergies can include:

  • pain in the stomach or cramps;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • problems with swallowing;
  • diarrhea;
  • itching;
  • inconsistent breathing;
  • labored breathing.

With allergies, it is important to avoid any food products that may contain this nut.

For those who do not have a reaction on this nut, there isseveral other potential flaws of almonds. Drinking too much nut can cause weight gain, certain drug interactions (eg, an overdose of vitamin E) and lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, but this is usually only a risk if you consume a lot of nuts. Like all sources of healthy fats, they should make up a significant part of the diet, but the control of the portion is important. However, before using it, it is worth considering the benefit and harm of almonds.

Raw nuts can carry bacteria. In rare cases, salmonella and e-coli have been carried by raw almonds, although most people do not experience any problems with its use.

Given the benefits and harm of almonds, it turns out that this nut is extremely useful for health! It is used for delicious treats and healthy food.

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