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Cigarettes "Compliment" of high quality tobacco

Tobacco production today is veryprofitable profitable production. Despite the fact that it was forbidden to show cigarettes and tobacco advertising on TV, active campaigning against tobacco smoking is actively conducted, smoking people are not getting smaller. And the number of products is increasing every year. Therefore, the only and correct solution to this problem is to produce cigarettes from quality tobacco and with a reduced content of tar and nicotine.

Cigarettes "Compliment" produced by the famousBaltic Tobacco Factory. It is located in Kaliningrad and is the largest producer of tobacco products. Cigarettes "Compliment" are made from high quality tobacco, thanks to which they have a pleasant, rich taste. These cigarettes can be purchased in some stores in Russia. The unusual design of the packaging emphasizes the brightness, creativity and individuality of the person who purchased them.

Cigarettes Compliment

Product Quality

Cigarettes "Compliment" are a real findFor lovers of bright classical taste, attracting with its elegance and elegance. They are produced in eight varieties: "Compliment Slimes" 1, 3, 5, "Compliment Super" slimes 1, 3, 5, "Compliment 1 CD", "Compliment 5 compact."

All products produced by this tobaccofactory, has the best quality, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. The necessary materials for the production of cigarettes are purchased from reliable world-class suppliers. Production itself is carried out on high-tech modern equipment. The products of the Baltic Tobacco Factory are always very popular and in demand.

The content of harmful substances in the "Compliment"

Content in these types of tar cigarettes is fromone to four milligrams, nicotine - from 0.1 mg to 0.5 mg. This suggests that these cigarettes are less dangerous than other types of cigarettes. Modern technologies and improved components of the Compliment cigarette provide an even greater increase in product quality.

Prices for cigarettes "Compliment"

Prices for goods are growing every day.This applies to tobacco products. The rise in prices is hard for the pocket. Therefore, the average smoking citizen tries to find the optimal solution. He is looking for cigarettes, which will suit him both in quality and price. It would be more correct, of course, to quit smoking. But it's not so easy.

Cigarettes "Compliment", the price of which on the marketvaries between 62-74 rubles, - an excellent alternative to other types of cigarettes. They are of good quality, pleasant, weak taste, acceptable cost. After smoking, do not leave a nasty bitter aftertaste, as with some cigarettes.

Cigarette Compliment Price

Reviews for cigarettes "Compliment"

Smoking people write a lot about the dignityand flaws contain a cigarette "Compliment". Reviews about them are mostly positive. The only drawback is that it is difficult to find them. Many smokers in the Compliment like the fact that they are as light as air, and at the same time they can be saturated (as a smoker). The content of negative substances in them is less than in other similar cigarettes. And this is also an attractive factor for a smoker. The price fully meets the requirements of the buyer, as it does not hit the family budget.

Cigarettes "Compliment" - a wonderful choice for those who want to show their uniqueness and refinement. Are more suitable for ladies' consumption, being like a fashion accessory.

Cigarette Compliment reviews
In a pack of twenty pieces. In one block there are ten packs. In one box there are fifty blocks. Buying a cigarette "Compliment", a smoker can save quite good money due to the low price of the product.

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